How To Deactivate / Stop GTBank Account SMS Alert Notification Service

Sometime back, while strolling through my social media news feed, I figured a couple of people were complaining about the amount GTBank charges for SMS notifications.

Therein, I also figured quite a handful of persons were interested in knowing how to deactivate or stop their GTBank account SMS notification. Hence, the reason for this post.

When it comes to banking, notifications are very important. SMS alert is possibly the quickest way to notify customers of transactions being made on their account(s).

Other than SMS alerts, there is an email Alert. By default, your bank gives you the option to either receive SMS alerts or email alerts. You could also opt in for both forms of notification if need be.

GTbank Account SMS alert service

Personally, I opt-in for both SMS and Email Alerts. The reason for this is, sometimes, GSM operators, especially in Nigeria, can be unreliable. The bank’s server can be messy at times too. When there is a network surge or failure, chances are, customers most likely won’t be notified of a transaction on their account via SMS. At least, not immediately. Hence, the need for email alerts.

The SMS alerts, however, come with a Price. In this case, it’s called SMS bank charges. GTBank for example charges N10 for each SMS. If you ask me, that’s quite high. I mean, literally, all the major GSM operators in Nigeria charge N4 per SMS. Email alerts, on the other hand, are free.

Lately, I often tend to buy recharge Cards using my GTBank account. The hustle is less stressful compared to having to walk down to an outlet, possibly scratch the card, and all that. With GTBank’s 737 services or internet banking, I just need to dial a few codes or use internet banking, and viola, my GSM network line is credited. This, however, comes with a Price tag. Literally, N10 is for an SMS alert charge on each recharge. And this is debited from your account.


Now, imagine you recharge using the GTBank internet or 737 service up to 30 times in a month. That will amount to N300. It’s small, right? Well, if you take out N1 from N1000, it isn’t N1000 anymore, Yeah?

Anyway, I believe you get the drift. Enough of the long talks already. Let’s get on to how we can possibly deactivate the SMS alert system on our account(s).

Deactivating GTBank Account SMS Alert Service

There are basically three ways this can be achieved;

  1. Filling out the GTBank Transaction Alert Service form online and sending it to their customer care service via email
  2. Walking into any GTBank office outlet and discussing this with a customer care representative
  3. Via the internet banking platform.

For the sake of this tutorial, we’d be making use of the third option which is via the GTBank internet banking platform.

Deactivate GTBank Account Text Message (SMS) Alert Via Internet Banking

By now, I’d assume you use GTbank’s internet banking platform. And you very much remember your security question and answer. If yes, let’s proceed.

Log into your GTBank internet banking platform (Link to GTbank’s internet banking service platform).

Input your credentials and choose to log in.

After successfully logging in, click on the Transaction Alert Activation service option under self-service.

deactivate GTbank account sms alert

Choose the account to be profiled. If you have multiple accounts, you can tick the profile all my accounts option.

stop gtbank account sms notification via internet banking platform


Under select Alert type, you should choose email.

Enter the answer to your secret question and click on submit. You are done!

That’s it. Simple, right? If you rather prefer having GTBank’s SMS Alert activated rather than email, choose that in the option.

That’s it. That’s how you can deactivate GTBank’s account SMS alert without leaving the comfort of your home. We hope this helps.

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