Unlock Your Huawei New Algo (E303, E3131, E172 etc) Modems Here Free

Yes, we are back to Unlocking modems and this time, we’d be looking at how to unlock Huawei Algo Modems.

In an earlier post, we had initially talked about unlocking Huawei 3G Modems online, However, we’d like to make the process quite easy for you here on this post.

What we intend to do here is help you provide the Unlock Codes to your Huawei algo modems for absolutely free. Huawei Algo modems include E303 modems, E131 modems, E172 modems (see below for the full list).

unlock huawei new algo modems

Please Note: While these unlock codes work in unlocking most of these modems, some new stubborn ones require you to use DC-Unlocker with credit in it.

If for any reason, the unlock code given to you doesn’t work, we will try to put up a post basically for your kind of modem which will guide you on how to unlock it successfully.

Supported Models To Be Unlocked Using Huawei Unlock Codes

These are the supported models that can be unlocked using unlock codes.

Huawei E155
Huawei E1550
Huawei E1551
Huawei E1552
Huawei E1553
Huawei E155X
Huawei E156
Huawei E156C
Huawei E156G
Huawei E156X
Huawei E158
Huawei E160
Huawei E1609
Huawei E160E
Huawei E160G
Huawei E161
Huawei E1612
Huawei E1615
Huawei E1616
Huawei E1630
Huawei E1632
Huawei E166
Huawei E166G
Huawei E169

Huawei E1690
Huawei E1692
Huawei E169G
Huawei E170
Huawei E170G
Huawei E171
Huawei E172
Huawei E172G
Huawei E173
Huawei E176
Huawei E1762
Huawei E177
Huawei E1780
Huawei E180
Huawei E1800
Huawei E1803
Huawei E180G
Huawei E180S
Huawei E181
Huawei E182
Huawei E1820
Huawei E1823
Huawei E182E
Huawei E1831

Huawei E188
Huawei E196
Huawei E2010
Huawei E216
Huawei E219
Huawei E220
Huawei E226
Huawei E22X
Huawei E230
Huawei E270
Huawei E271
Huawei E272
Huawei E303
Huawei E303s HiLink
Huawei E352
Huawei E353
Huawei E355
Huawei E357
Huawei E368
Huawei E369
Huawei E372
Huawei E392
Huawei E397
Huawei E398

Huawei E612
Huawei E618
Huawei E620
Huawei E630
Huawei E630+
Huawei E660
Huawei E660A
Huawei E800
Huawei E870
Huawei E880
Huawei E968
Huawei EG162
Huawei EG162G
Huawei EG602
Huawei EG602G
Huawei EM770
Huawei K3517
Huawei K3520
Huawei K3710
Huawei S4011
Huawei UMG181
Huawei E1731
Huawei E3131
Huawei E3131 HiLink

How Do I Get My Huawei New Algo Unlocking Code To Unlock The Modem?

First, Make sure the modem is truly Huawei (You can find this clearly stated on the body of the modem).

Try inserting another network sim on it and picking up your computer. If it prompts you to enter unlock code, then that’s cool.

Just come here and give us information about the Modem name and IMEI number using the comment form and we will reply to you with your unlock code as fast as we can. Just be sure you keep visiting this page(You can bookmark it on your browser for faster access).

When you get the unlock code, simply perform the process of inserting your modem into your computer again and when prompted to enter the unlock code, simply enter the unlock code you got from the US here.

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