How To Manually Install MediaTek (MT6577 USB) VCOM Drivers On Windows 7 and XP

Earlier before now, we talked on how to unbrick a bricked infinix hot note x551 phone. Not only did we write on that, images on the post proved that the method works. Following that post, we made mention of having to manually install MT6577 USB  VCOM drivers which can also be termed as MediaTek USB VCOM drivers.

Since we haven’t written on how that can be done, we decided to publish a post which entails the whole process and here on this post, we will be using windows 7 as a case study.

Manually Installing MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers On Windows 7 and XP

Just before we go into the tutorial proper, we’d like to make mention of the requirements. It is necessary you have all of this in place before proceeding with the tutorial. I am sure you wouldn’t want to get stuck on the way, right?


  • A Computer running Windows 7 or windows XP
  • MediaTek USB VCOM drivers. You can download HERE.


==> First and foremost, extract the downloaded driver into a folder on your computer where you can easily remember.
==> Right on your computer desktop screen, right click on Computer and click on Manage.
==> When on the manage window, click on Device Manager which is located at the left side of the page.

install MediaTek USB driver on windows 7
==> At this point, you should see some listings that includes your the name of your computer, batteries, computer, disk drives etc. Click on the name of your computer.
==> When you’ve clicked on the name of your computer, click on Actions and click on Add Legacy Hardware.
==> An hardware installation wizard will be displayed to you. Just click on Next.

Add hardware wizard on windows 7
==> On the next page, choose the second option which is ‘Install the hardware that i manually select from a list (Advanced)‘ and click on Next.
==> When on the next page, click on Show All Devices and click On Next.
==> At this point, click on Have Disk and when the next pop up window shows up, click on Browse.
==> Navigate into the folder you had extract the MediaTek USB VCOM files into. Under the folder, choose the USB VCOM Driver folder.

usb vcom driver folder on windows 7
==> Under USB VCOM Driver, click on the folder for your operating system. In this case, we are using the Windows 7. If using windows 7 operating system, choose win7.
==> Under the win7 folder, choose the version your computer works with. Assuming you are using 64bit computer, click On that then click on OK.
==> Click on Next and you the list of drivers that will be installed will be shown to you.

install mediatek driver on windows 7
==> Keep clicking on the Next option till the installation is complete and you get the finish button. Click on Finish and you are done.

There you have it. Installing the MediaTek drivers is pretty easy as we have outlined here and that should aid you in unbricking your android phone running on MTK (MediaTek) processor. Questions? Do not hesitate to relate.

When it comes to unbricking most MTK powered android phones, the use of SP flash tool is needed. On the unbrick tutorial i wrote on earlier, i explained how to use the spflash tool. I suggest you also check that out.

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