Top 5 Tricks To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser

When it comes to browsing websites, the first thing we do is open a browser, type in the URL, and bang. One of the widely popular browsers with millions of users, Google Chrome remains on the top.

It has gained massive popularity since it was launched in 2008. In the battle of browsers, Chrome has always remained on the top. As of May 2020, the market share of Chrome was 63.91% followed by Safari and Firefox.

Every internet user knows that the browsing speed depends on the data plan you have paid for. But sometimes you will feel that Google Chrome acts sluggish. Regardless of whether you have subscribed to a 200 Mbps or 400 Mbps plan by Spectrum internet.

Tricks To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser

In this post, we are going to reveal some of the tips to enhance the speed of Google Chrome. Stay tuned and keep reading.

1. Remove Unnecessary Apps and Extensions

Google Chrome offers ease and convenience to its users by offering apps and extensions. These apps and extensions can be installed for different functions from checking the stats of your website to managing web pages on Chrome.

However, when apps and extensions are outnumbered, Google Chrome acts like a snail. Make sure to go through the list of apps and extensions installed on your browser and remove the unimportant ones.

speed up google chrome browser

Just type chrome:extensions in the URL bar to access all the installed extensions. Remove the ones that are not needed anymore.

2. Update Your Google Chrome Frequently

Speeding up Google Chrome does not require any technical knowledge or expertise. With a few tweaks, you can boost the speed of your browser. One of the ways is to keep Chrome updated. Most of the time, we postpone the updates due to the workload. However, updating chrome will enhance security, remove bugs, and improve performance. Spending a few minutes on updating Chrome would save much of your time.

Most of the time, Chrome updates automatically. However, you can also update it manually, if you want. The easiest way to update Chrome is to type chrome://settings in the URL bar and hit enter. Sit back until Chrome is updated. Relaunch Google Chrome to refresh the settings.

3. Close Unused Tabs

Often when we are researching a particular topic, we open several tabs simultaneously. This causes Google Chrome to slow down. The reason is that each tab uses memory, which results in slowing down your computer as well as the browser.

The simple solution is to visit each tab and look for what isn’t needed anymore. However, if you feel none of the tabs is unimportant, you can simply install an extension that will help prevent slowing down your browser.
For instance, “The Great Suspender” extension can lessen Chrome’s memory that isn’t in use. Tabs that are not viewed for a certain time will go to sleep. Nevertheless, once you click on the tab again, it will get back to where you left off.

Toby for Chrome is another great extension that allows you to save tabs for later use. The extension can save the whole session and can resume with one click.

4. Chrome Cleanup Tools Improves Speed

When Chrome is working at a snail pace, check on what is wrong with your computer directly affecting Chrome’s performance. In that case, Chrome Cleanup Tool can rescue you. The tool can identify any unwanted programs such as toolbars, or automatically installed extensions that your antivirus program fails to detect.

5. Install Script Blocking Extension

Chrome is a great web browser that helps you surf online without any hassle. However, sometimes it slows down the web loading speed due to the overuse of scripts by different websites. For instance, video playing scripts, tracking scripts, and ad-loading scripts will slow down the loading speed of webpages.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to write any code – just install a script blocking extension. One of the best script blocking extensions is “uBlock Origin” which will stop scripts from running and allow you to browse websites quickly. The extension also allows you to manually whitelist the website to allow scripts to run in the background.

Summing Up

The few tweaks we have mentioned will surely help you to browse faster and keep your productivity at par. Enjoy browsing at a faster speed from now on.

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