Simple Steps To Import All Passwords From Chrome To Safari Browser

In this post, we will be looking at how to import passwords from chrome to safari browser. The process is quite easy and straightforward and in this post, we will be covering all of that.

When it comes to browsers, there are quite a handful of them. However, the most sort after are often Firefox and Chrome. Safari on the other hand, is often preferred on apple devices.

I have been a Firefox user for years and until recently, I started playing with Chrome. Chrome is indeed, an amazing browser asides the fact that there is a limit to the number of tabs you can leave open.

An interesting new feature with chrome browser, is the password feature. You no longer have to think about generating a new password for every site you choose to sign up for. Using the browser, a password will be automatically suggested for you. If you decide to use that, it will be saved in your browser as well as the cloud.

how to import passwords from chrome to safari browser

Whenever you are back on the site and needs to log in, the password session will be auto-populated with the password you previously set and saved. I find this to be very convenient.

As interesting as this is, when you decide to make the switch from chrome to safari, this can cause a few problems. Since these passwords are often random and almost impossible to memorize especially if you have different accounts on different services and sites on the internet, it makes sense to make the switch along with the passwords.

What this means is, if you plan on moving from Google chrome browser to Safari, especially if using a MacBook, it makes sense to import all passwords from chrome to safari.

This isn’t difficult as you probably already imagined. To make the process easy for you, we will be showing you how to import your passwords to safari. This doesn’t apply to just passwords, you can also import settings and other stuffs from chrome to safari.

Steps To Import Passwords From Chrome To Safari

Since the passwords saved on chrome are saved in the cloud, it makes sense to have the browser installed on your machine.

  • If using a Macbook, make sure Google chrome in installed on your MacBook.
  • Safari comes installed on MacBook so, just launch the Safari browser and click on File
  • Under file options, move your mouse/cursor to the import from option
  • Highlighting on the import from option, Chrome, Firefox and any other browser you have installed that supports import feature, will be displayed. There is also an option to import using an HTML file (.csv) if you have one on your computer.
  • Under those options, select Google Chrome. The next screen should display some options on your safari browser.
  • Tick the necessary files and settings you want to import. This can be bookmarks, history or passwords. If you want everything imported, tick all and click OK.
  • The importation process should begin at this point.

While no progress bar on the screen might be displayed, be rest assured that the process is working in the background.

Depending on how many passwords and settings you are importing, this process might take a while. When the process is complete, you should see the new bookmarks and other changes on your safari browser.

While that works, I have had some people complain of some certain issues with moving passwords with the process above. For this reason, we will be looking at another method which is specifically targeted at importing just passwords from chrome to safari.

Export Google Chrome Passwords

If perhaps, the above process didn’t work, another alternative will be exporting Chrome passwords and using the HTML file (.CSV) format.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the chrome app and go to chrome://flags. In most cases, you’d have to manually type that function into chrome address bar.
  • When that loads up, search for password exports and enable that. Also search for password import and equally enable password export settings
  • When done, relaunch Google chrome to allow the settings take effect.
  • Next, in the chrome address bar, type chrome://settings/passwords or go to Chrome password settings and let the passwords fully load. This might take a while depending on how fast your machine is and how many saved passwords you have.
  • Next, click on the option icon as indicated in the screenshot below and select Export Passwords.Choose to export chrome passwords
  • Note, these passwords will be visible to anyone who gets access to the file. Hence, be sure to completely delete the file after importing it into safari.
  • Choose to save the passwords as a CSV file and using the same steps in the above tutorial for importation, choose to import the csv file into safari browser.

Again, the process works in the background hence, you may not see anything till it’s completed.

That’s it. That’s how to import passwords from Chrome to safari easy and fast. If you have any questions on the subject, please do not hesitate to ask using the comment session.

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