How I Fixed LG G3 Android Phone Stuck In Bootloop (LG Life’s Good) Screen

You own a LG G3 Android phone and it is currently stuck in Bootloop? Not to worry. Hopefully, we can arrive at a solution together.

Recently, a friend brought his LG G3 Android phone to me. The problem of the phone was, it doesn’t boot pass the LG Life’s Good Logo screen.

If left alone for a while, the phone’s notification display could begin changing colors. Thus, signifying that the phone is active. But yet, the display does not go beyond the LG logo screen.

Pretty weird huh? At first inspection, I thought the phone has been bricked. I mean, according to the friend, he suspects he must have mistakenly downloaded a virus on the phone.

fix LG G3 stuck in bootloop

Being the type who is enthusiastic about phones and wanting to experiment, I dived into seeking a solution.

How I Fixed LG G3 Android Phone Not Loading Pass LG Life’s Good Screen

First, I tried flashing in a fresh stock rom. That of a LG G3 with the specific model of course. That kept displaying errors during installation process.

I tried using the LG tool software. That also proved abortive. Tried LG flash tool, yet no luck. I also tried LGMobile Support tool and it was another waste of time and data.

To cut long story short, everything proved abortive. However, I wasn’t ready to give up. Nah, not like that!

After another series of research and watching quite a handful of YouTube videos, I decided to give the hardware method a shot.

I removed the back cover of the phone, loosened all the screws on the phone. The instruction was to heat up the motherboard a bit, but i wasn’t ready to go down that lane. I am sure you can guess why.

I re-screwed the phone. This time, much tighter at the camera region. Thereafter, fixed back the battery and hoped for a miracle to happen.

Viola! The phone properly booted and everything on the phone was still in tact. Apparently, earlier flash trials didn’t pass through nor left any effect.

LG G3 bootloop successfully fixed

Obviously, the LG G3 being stuck in bootloop and unable to go past the LG Life’s Good display, is caused by an hardware issue and not software related.

So, if you realize your LG G3 phone is not booting pass the LG logo display, try flashing in a fresh copy of the stock room. Do note however, the LG G3 has different models. Be sure you download the stock rom for your phone’s specific model. If that doesn’t work, it may be an hardware issue and not a software related problem.

Got questions relating to the LG G3 Android phone stuck in bootloop? Feel free to drop a comment.

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