How To Successfully Log Out Of Facebook Messenger App On Android

It was only a few years back that Facebook decided to force every of it’s app users to use the Messenger app for reading, sending and replying messages on the platform.

If you have the official Facebook app on your Android phone, normally, you’d need to also download Messenger app before being able to read your messages, send and reply messages.

While this is enough hustle already, logging out from Facebook Messenger can be another pain in the butt. For an average Android user, the basic option would be totally deleting the app. But is that the best way to fix it? Certainly not.

You can actually log out your Facebook account from the Messenger app without exactly having to delete the app. And the process is quite easy. Trust me.

Unlike the official Facebook app which has an option to log out your account, the Messenger doesn’t. Thus, leaving users in a state of dilemma. But not to worry, this tutorial should guide you through.

Easiest Way to Log Out your Facebook Account On Messenger app for Android

To easily log out your Facebook account from Messenger on Android devices, follow these steps:

On the Android device, go to settings

settings on android phone

Scroll down to Apps and tap on it. This displays all the apps stored on the Android device.

List of Apps installed on an android phone

Scroll down till you find Messenger and then, tap on it.

Messenger app currently installed on an android phone

Under the Messenger app info, if running Android Marshmallow OS, tap on Storage.

 Facebook messenger app info

Under storage menu, you’d see Clear Data and Clear Cache as the only options. Tap on Clear Data.

Clear data option on Facebook Messenger app management

You get a notification asking if you’d like to confirm. Of course, it states that all files, settings, accounts, and databases will be deleted.

Confirm Facebook Messenger data clear

Tap on OK and the data size should reset to Zero (0.00 B).

messenger app data cleared

Tap on the HOME button and launch the Messenger app. You’d realize that the app starts afresh.

Successfully logged out of Facebook messenger on Android

If you are not comfortable with the app asking you to continue with your Facebook account, simply log off your account from the Facebook app and that should be fixed.

I understand you may be wondering if all of your files, accounts will be deleted. Yes, but No. Confusing right? Chillax. Yes in the sense that, all your messenger files and accounts will be deleted from the app when you choose to clear data. And No in the sense that, if you choose to re-log in, you will have all your files back in place. Capish?

You have seen the switch Account optionand you are wondering if that works right? The Switch Account option allows you log in multiple Facebook messenger accounts and allows you switch between them. It doesn’t log you out of the app.

So, there you have it. Having to log out your Facebook account on the Messenger app is that simple. Hope this was helpful?

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