Yahoo Mail Domain Not Opening On Mobile : What Could Be The Cause?

Yahoo mail is one of the prominent email providing service you can think of. Although they are a lot of competitors today, the service still stands out.

Have you sometimes tried visiting yahoo mail on mobile and it just doesn’t work? I mean, you can’t even access your account nor check your emails using the mobile service.

Yahoo mail not opening on mobile

Or did you try visiting yahoo with the usual and it doesn’t seem to connect? That is because the mobile version is temporarily down.

Sometimes, when you are able to access the domain, you could be unable to access your account. The error being displayed could be something like this:

We’re sorry that you are having difficulty logging in. Please sign in from our desktop login screen and then try login again from our mobile login screen.

I experienced this same issue some few days on my mobile, while trying to access the yahoo mail domain on my operamini browser, the error response i got was site timed out (that’s just the summary of the whole message) but the same opens well on a desktop PC. It can get frustrating, i know.

What Could Be The Cause Of Yahoo Mail Not Opening On Mobile?

It’s just the yahoo servers for mobile. So next time you are unable to access your mails on mobile, simply visit the yahoo mail domain using your boltbrowser on desktop view. That will sure help.

Update: Bolt browser has been discontinued and there is a huge chance you wouldn’t be facing an issue as this. If for some reason, you still do, Yahoo mail has got an official mobile app which is available on both android and iOS.

Simply download the app from the respective app store, install, launch and input your details. Follow the onscreen instructions and you should be good to go.

Alternatively, you can access the desktop version of yahoo mail on your mobile phone. Particularly, this should work on Android and iPhone. Blackberry users should be able to do same. If you are still using a Java or Symbian phone in this time and age, there are some android phones you can get for just around $45 which if you ask me, is very affordable.

Fix Unable To Log Into Yahoomail Account On Mobile?

Now i presume that you are using an opera-mini browser as this is the most widely used mobile browser but if you are using a different browser, don’t worry same process works for all.

Looking from the error message when trying to access your yahoo email account, the solution is very simple and straight ‘log in to your account using a computer’. but what if you are not close to your computer or you don’t have access to your computer? Does it mean you are stuck? Of course no!

Here is what you should do To Fix The Problem

Go to your address bar of your mobile browser and type in, it will open the desktop(computer) version of yahoo mail login page.

Type in your login details and click on Sign in.

After successfully logged in to your yahoo mail account and visiting your inbox page, just type in your browser the normal or and you will be redirected to your yahoo email inbox page. From there, you can access your inbox mails, spam mails, trash, folders and all.

If you have got further question regarding this, you should consider dropping a comment. I often reply as soon as i can.

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