The MTN Plan For Free Night Calls and Its Requirement – 2023 Update

For some time now it has been almost impossible to make night calls on the MTN network due to the fact that I was unable to detect the new mtn plans that permits free night call feature. This has made me stop making night calls for a long time even now.

Although during the time MTN FUNLINK RELOADED plan was introduced, it was stated that the free night calls were included in its package. The requirement is said to be after making a minimum of 1-minute call during the day time. However, friends around me complained it wasn’t working. So, what do I do?

MTN Night call

You would agree with me that MTN Customer Care isn’t connecting to their agents or correspondent. So, how then do I lay my complaints, ask questions and get solutions?

Everybody knew that during the era of the MTN Xtracool plan, free night calls were permitted. All that was required at the time, is you have a minimum credit balance of N100 naira. Same with the MTN PAYGO and TalkOn packages. However, these somehow stopped and now, most people are wondering Which MTN plan gives free night calls?

MTN Friends and Family Package! Yes, the MTN friends and family plan allows free night calls between 12.30 am and 4.30 am. I.e during the early hours of the day known as the peak periods. I am not just saying this out of guess but this has been confirmed by a person close to me and in my presence.

Requirement For MTN Night Call

Just have a minimum of N100 naira in your account and enjoy this feature at night.

How To Migrate To MTN family and friends

To Migrate, just dial *123#. This takes you to the MTN service center. Choose family and friends among their packages and that’s it. Your subscription to the MTN family and friends tariff plan is successful. We have a detailed list of tariff plans and call rate mtn offers here.

Hope this helps.

On MTN Beta Talk Plan, You Can Make Free Night Calls

Yesterday, I got a flash from a friend during late hours. Precisely somewhere around 1 AM. I decided to call back. Not sure if it was going to be a free call or if I am going to be charged from my airtime, I decided to use it as a test.

I am currently on the MTN Beta Talk plan. The MTN Beta Talk plan gives you 200% of every recharge. For example, if you recharge N400, you will be given bonus airtime of N800. The airtime can be used in calling all networks any time of the day. It can be likened to the GLO Bumpa plan except for the fact that mtn charges 40k/sec while Glo charges 50kobo per second.

When on the MTN Beta Talk plan, airtime cannot be transferred. And for that fact, I guess some people are skeptical about the fact that Night calls could be free. Well, I have been able to confirm it and in all honesty, you can make free night calls on the MTN Beta talk plan. However, please note that it is required of you to have a minimum of N100 on the sim before Night calls can be free. Otherwise, you will be charged for calls during night-time.

Hope this comes in handy for those who are inquisitive about knowing if free Night calls can be done on the MTN Beta Talk plan. For questions and comments, please use the comment form.

Update: MTN discontinues Its Free Night Call Service

Since MTN passed the phrase where FG fined the company, a lot seems to be happening and to a large extent, it’s affecting the customers.

A couple of weeks back, MTN disconnected its cheapest tariff plan known as MTN TruTalk+, and ever since then, calls seem a little more expensive even though users on the trutalk+ plan were automatically migrated to trutalk plan. While users are still trying to get over that change, MTN has also decided to discontinue its free Night call service.

Does MTN Still Do Night Calls?

Before now, users with a minimum of N100 in their airtime balance can engage in free night calls from 12:30 AM to 4:30 AM. However, going forward, MTN has discontinued free Night Calls. Calls within that period (happy hour) will attract normal charges.

MTN discontinues free night call service

While this may not seem like a change to subscribers who don’t really use the free night call service, it will definitely affect a lot of other users. Anyway, thank God for GLO. I think GLO still has the GBAM+ plan as an alternative to MTN trutalk+. Glo still offers free glo-to-glo night calls. Just in case you are thinking of porting.

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