What Is Nigeria Zip Code? Lagos Postal or Zip Codes For Other States

When it comes to filling forms online, Zip code or Postal code is often asked. Knowing Nigeria’s Zip or Postal Code can be quite difficult – until now. Same applies for Lagos Postal codes as well as postal codes for other states in Nigeria.

Before now, some of us often use 23401 as the postal code for Lagos state and maybe, 11111 for Nigeria. These are both wrong – almost.

23401 isn’t the zip or postal code for Lagos. 01 is actually the area code for Lagos. 234 is the international phone dialing code for Nigeria.

Zip, postal and area codes are all different things. A lot of people tend to confuse these things but let me clarify you on this a bit.

ZIP (Zone Improvent Plan) code only applies to the United States. This is different from postal as the US doesn’t regard postal codes from other countries as ZIP codes.

Nigeria Zip Codes or Postal Codes for lagos and other states in nigeria

In other countries, Nigeria included, Postal Codes are what’s used. However, ZiP codes in the US are treated same as Postal codes in other countries.

What that means is, same purpose the ZIP code is used for or required, applies to the postal code as well. Usually for mailing purposes.

Hence, if filling forms online and you are asked a ZIP code and you happen to be outside the US, you can fill in the postal code for your country or state in that space.

To be clear, using the zip code 11111 is valid. The 11111 in most cases, simply means you do not know your ZIP code. However, these are times that code is denied or rejected. In a situation like that, you’d have to use any of the codes below for your specific region or quickly do a search on that.

So, in summary, ZIP codes are to the US as Postal codes are to other counties. Nigeria included of course.

If using USPS (United States Portal Service), this service has codes for overseas countries, which are used when handling deliveries. These codes are similar to the ZIP codes used within the US.

For those in Nigeria wishing to receive a mail from the US via USPS, the code for Nigeria is 00176-0000.

What Is The ZIP Code To Use When Filling Forms Online

As  earlier mentioned, Zip codes and Postal codes can be used for the same purpose when it comes to filling online forms.

Although ZIP code is exclusive to the United States, you can choose to input the Nigerian Postal code. Or, if you want to be more specific, you can use your state’s Postal code. More details on that can be found below.

Although in same cases, using 23401 may work, you still shouldn’t assume that’s the postal code for Nigeria. That’s just the international dialing code for Nigeria and area code for Lagos state. A combination of both to be precise.

How Do I Get The Nigeria Postal Code, Lagos Postal Code Or Postal Codes Of Other States In Nigeria?

Thankfully, you can source this online. You can simply follow the instruction below and get the postal code for your area or region in Nigeria.

To get this done, simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to http://www.nigeriapostcodes.com
  • Select your state amongst the list of states presented.
  • Thereafter, choose your Nearby Town, Area and street.
  • The postal code for your area and possibly other areas around you will be presented.
  • You can further narrow down your search by using the search option on the site.

Postal Codes For States In Nigeria

To help a bit with your search, these are the postal codes for States in Nigeria.

  • Abuja 900001
  • Lagos (Island) 101001
  • Lagos (Mainland) 100001
  • Niger 920001
  • Ogun 110001
  • Abia 440001
  • Sokoto 840001
  • Borno 600001
  • Delta 320001
  • Edo 300001
  • Ondo 340001
  • Osun 230001
  • Oyo 200001
  • Plateau 930001
  • Rivers 500001
  • Enugu 400001
  • Imo 460001
  • Jigawa 720001
  • Kano 700001
  • Kaduna 800001
  • Kwara 240001
  • Taraba 660001
  • Yobe 320001
  • Ebonyi 840001
  • Katsina 820001
  • Kebbi 860001

For a more comprehensive list, you should check out this post which shares a complete lists of the postal codes of all states in Nigeria.

So, there you have it. If you need the postal / zip code for other states in Nigeria, please leave the details in the comment session and I will aid you in sourcing for the code.

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