Can I Upgrade My Computer RAM Size From 1GB to 2GB, 4GB or More?

Are you curious to knowing if you can upgrade your computer’s RAM size? This post will answer satisfy that curiosity with some life facts.

Hello, it’s been quite a very long time since we posted anything related to computers in terms of tutorials. All we’ve been doing all these while are tutorials and information related to mobile devices.

We have actually been chipping in some computer terms but none like this post in a long while now. Maybe it’s as a result of the fact that Mobile devices are taking the lead in the world of technology.

Today, we’d like to solve a puzzle that has got to do with RAM Size on our computer. For android mobile users, you should have an idea of what RAM means and its functionality.

Well, it’s got everything to do with how fast a device operates. A 512MB RAM can’t be as fast as a 1GB RAM nor can multitasking be better on a 512MB RAM compared to a 1GB RAM device. Having said that, you should have a clear idea of what this entails, right?

Can A Computer RAM Size Be Upgraded?

Now, the main puzzle today is regarding RAM. Judging from the post title, we are looking at whether or not, a computer’s RAM Size can be upgraded.

The simple answer is YES! However, it depends on the computer processor. For a computer that comes with 1GB RAM, there are chances it can be upgraded to 2GB.

However, anything above 2GB RAM may not work on that computer. Now, you may ask me how I knew about this or how sure I am based on this. Well, I actually did it.

how to upgrade computer ram size

My laptop used to run on 1GB RAM and based on that, the system seems to be laggy most times even when I’m just using Firefox Browser.

I cannot multitask too well because of the RAM size. Running more than 3 programs at a time would leave the system hanging and I would have to force turn it off without shutting it down first.

Today, I decided to do some experiments and decided to upgrade the RAM to 2GB or more.

Since the computer came with 2 pairs of 512MB size which equals 1GB, I decided to use 2GB on one slot and 512MB on the second slot. However, that didn’t work.

Secondly, I tried using 2GB RAM on both RAM Slots with should equal 4GB but that didn’t work either. Since getting a direct 4GB RAM was scarce, I had no choice but to settle for 2GB on one slot leaving the second slot empty and that worked fine.

So far, I haven’t faced any lagging on the computer since using 2GB RAM. I love speed and based on that, I wouldn’t mind implementing a 4GB RAM size on the computer when I have the chance and resources to experiment again.

How Do I Check My Computer Current RAM Size?

If you’d like to see the current RAM Size your computer is running on, simply go to the desktop screen of your laptop. Look for the Computer icon on your desktop screen.

If running windows 10, it’s called My PC.

Right-click on it and click on Properties. You should see what RAM Size (Installed Memory) your computer is running on.

As earlier stated, if your computer comes with 1GB RAM Memory, there are chances it can be upgraded to 2GB RAM. However, I cannot ascertain whether or not, the same computer can be upgraded to 4GB since it didn’t work for me.

For those whose computer comes with 2GB RAM Memory size, there are chances it can be upgraded to 4GB which means more speed.

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