Windows 10 Tips : How To Upgrade From Windows 10 Home To Pro Edition

Still, on the newly released windows 10 OS which was launched last week, I have come to realize something. I have realized that if your machine was running on windows 7 home edition before the upgrade, it will be upgraded to windows 10 home edition when you choose to upgrade.

If your computer is currently running on windows 10 Home and you’d like to upgrade to the pro version, the steps are pretty easy and we are here to help.

Just before we head to the tutorial on how to upgrade, you may be asking ‘How Do I know which windows 10 edition my PC is running on?‘.

Well, it’s pretty simple. You can either go through your computer details by right-clicking on This PC icon which is present on the desktop and clicking on properties or you can go to Settings > Update & Security > Activation.

PC running windows 10 Home

Upgrade From Windows 10 Home To Pro

If you’d like to upgrade to windows 10 pro, make sure you have got a stable internet connection on your computer. Thereafter, follow the steps below

  • Click on the Start button and click on Settings.
  • Under settings, click on Update and Security
  • Click On Activation then click on Go to Store.
  • Buying the upgrade costs $99 which is equivalent to NGN22,275 in Naira.

After buying the upgrade, your computer will install the needed bits and the upgrade window should come on. You shouldn’t be by any means, to turn off your machine during the process.

Windows 10 Home upgraded to Pro Edition
Not to worry, it’s not a complete re-install process, hence your files and settings are safe and in place.

Want To Get Windows 10 Pro For a Cheap Price?

If $99 seems like a lot to pay for just this sort of upgrade, there is a walk-around. If you are in Nigeria, there are physical disks you can buy. These CDs come with the pro version with a Universal license code. Thankfully, this isn’t only valid in Nigeria, but a few other countries.

If you happen to be in a country where software can be bought from local stores, then you should try that out. Go to the store and request the Windows 10 Pro software disk. It’s usually in a compact disk and not flash disk drives.

Insert the disk in your computer’s CD or DVD compartment. Follow the onscreen instructions and your windows 10 home will be upgraded to windows 10 pro.

This is more effective in my opinion rather than having to sort out $99 which in a country like ours, is a lot of money for a software program. I like to think Microsoft knows this and it is due to this reason, we have universal licenses. Universal licenses mean anyone can use them. It isn’t restricted to just one person like a $99 would.

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Good luck with your upgrade from windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro Edition.

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