Facebook Account Temporarily Locked – Causes and Prevention

When was the last time you locked into your Facebook account only to meet a message saying, ‘Your Facebook account is temporarily locked‘, blocked or something similar?

Yes, I know it’s quite devastating especially if you were hoping to get logged into your account or you needed to check into your inbox for a quick message. Honestly, it sucks!

I have been there before, not once not twice. A couple of times actually and I have always escaped through and gotten my FB account unlocked asap.

Like the popular saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Hence, on this post, the sole aim is giving you some precautionary measures of prevention in protecting your Facebook account against being locked.

The measures I am going to be stating here are measures which has always worked for me and I’d believe it should work for you also. Don’t worry, in subsequent post, I will be writing on how to fix the Facebook account temporarily locked issue. I promise it won’t take long.

causes of facebook account temporarily locked

Just before we go ahead to stating the precautionary methods to preventing this from happening, let’s find out first, what could cause this.

Causes Of Facebook Account Been Temporarily Locked

I have been on the social media platform since 2010 hence it shouldn’t be wrong of me to say I have got vast knowledge of the social network. However, remember that it isn’t how far, rather, it’s how well.

Enough of the long talks, let’s hit the hammer on the nail.

Unknown IP Causes Facebook Account Temporarily Locked

This happens to be the basic reason as to why an fb account can be temporarily locked. If you log into your Facebook account using another country’s IP address and location much different from the country stated on your account, you could be faced with that error.

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Having known the causes, I guess you should be able to figure how to avoid the issue of account temporarily locked or account temporarily blocked. For those who still can’t get it, I will state it.

Prevent Facebook Account From Being Locked Or Blocked

In the case above, I stated that Unknown IP is the basic reason to why an fb account could be faced with suspension. Having known that, one of the surest way to avoid this is using a known IP address or location or something close.

For example, If you reside in the united states, it is cool to use a united Kingdom IP without having to experience that error.

But if you reside in Canada and you use a south Africa IP in accessing your fb account, this ‘may‘ lead to your account being locked or blocked.

There you have it. Do stick to that prevention method and you should be good to go.

To all those already faced with the issue, in my subsequent post, I’d be letting you into the solution to fixing Facebook account temporarily locked error and more.

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