wap.2go.im, www.2go.com.ng : Official Sites To Download 2go Messenger

Despite how popular the 2go network has become, some people still wonder what are the official sites to download 2go.On an earlier post, I shared with you how to download the 2go chat app on blackberry 10 phones like a Q5, Q10, Z10 and Z30.

Based on my speculation, 2go messenger doesn’t have one official domain. They seem to have different domain names but all leading to one chat app download.


On this post, I’d like to share with you the official 2go websites, from which you can download the app from.

wap.2go.im – The Official Site To Download 2go Chat App Messenger Latest Version

wap.2go.im – A couple of times I have heard people complain about having issues with their 2go chat application on their phone.

I have even got such complains from some of my blog readers saying that their 2go app isn’t working as it ought to be.

Some even ask me where they could download the 2go app. The truth is, i have often stated where to download 2go messenger application in a couple of my posts related to 2go chat but to save you the time of conducting more researches, the official 2go website is wap.2go.im.

Although wap.2go.im isn’t just the only domain name you can use in reaching the official site, www.2go.com.ng and www.2go.co.za also takes you to the official 2go site where you can find some valuable help resource and also register and download the 2go messenger application.

wap.2go.im download 2go chat messenger

Based on my own experience relating to your 2go app probably not working fine and all that, i strongly doubt if you truly downloaded your 2go app from the official site.

Benefits of Downloading 2go From wap.2go.im (Official Site)

Just like other mobile sites, the 2go official site when using your default web browser automatically detects your device name, device model and the version of the app that fits into your device saving you from searching through the whole site for your device model.

With that feature enabled, if you get a recommended version for your phone or device then it simply tells that the App is suitable for your device and if the 2go app software can’t work on your phone, you will be simply notified on the same official site.

More so, on the official site you can get help to most asked questions relating to using 2go app like how to retrieve your lost 2go username and password, how to edit your profile, issues relating to 2go credit and more.

Downloading the 2go chat app from other mobile downloading sites like sharemobile, xchanger and others might lead to you having problems with the app.

Hence, i strongly recommend you download the chat app from its official site www.2go.co.za, www.2go.com.ng or wap.2go.im. All these domains names will take you to same 2go official website where you can safely download the app.

Downloading 2go Messenger App From www.2go.com.ng

Yes, you might not know this but www.2go.com.ng is also the official site of the application. It’s not often been talked about but for the few who are conversant with the app, the application can be downloaded from the domain name.

Looking at the domain name (www.2go.com.ng), you should realize that it’s a location-based domain. Com.ng domains are basically targeted to Nigerians hence this domain name is basically targeted to Nigerians. However, people from any part of the world can still access the domain name.

Downloading 2go Chat application From www.2go.co.za

When I first knew about the chat app, I recall vividly that the first website I visited at that time to download the application was from wap.2go.co.za. This domain name is also the official site of the chat app. In some places, its well-known while in others, its less known.

Looking at the domain name (wap.2go.za), you should realize that it’s a location-based domain even though it has wap at the beginning instead of WWW. Usually, co.za domains are targeted to south Africa hence this domain name is basically targeted to south africa. However, people from any part of the world can also visit and download 2go chat application from the domain.

Please Note: Outlined above are the official sites to downloading 2go. Please be wary of wapka.mobi domains promising that you could download the app from its sites.

In subsequent posts, I would be writing on more tutorials related to 2go like how to change phone number used in 2go account registration, how to join 2go and more.

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