Best 15 Backpage Alternative Websites To Use Today

Backpage was the only legit website or platform for you to post any personal or classified ads of your choice. Just name it whether electronics such as fridges, Old Televisions, Events, Real estate, and other many more adverts.

But as time went, the back page sie was used rampantly to advertise adult contents, Drugs, trafficking, and s$x workers with other illegal and s$xual activities.

These actions made the USA get annoyed and placed a court order to shut down the back page site for good in the year 2018.

However, the back page platform which you used for your business has been taken down already.

So today, the team and I are going to be showing you the Backpage alternative platforms for you to use in the year 2020, which is going to work and as well serve you just like or even much better than the good old backpage website.

It helps businesses, mainly the local ones, by posting local/personal classified ads to help publicize your products for clients to get in touch with your services and goods.

The Backpage alternatives websites are going to 100% help you to generate some income and revenue in the process of publicizing your services and products through the help of classified ads on the platforms.

If you used the backpage website in posting ads before the shutdown, then you are also going to fall in love with these backpage alternatives websites or platforms, causing an increase in revenue generation for your business.

Without taking much of your time, let us take a quick look at the best backpage alternative websites.

List of the Best 15 Backpage Alternative Websites

1. BedPage

bedpage as an alternative to backpage

Bedpage is an American classified and personal advertisement site similar to or alternative to that of the backpage platform. A free classified site in the world.

The Bedpage site is to Backpage and the free classified site in the world. People love us as a new Backpage replacement or an alternative to the backpage site.

2. Gumtree

Gumtree AS backpage alternative

Gumtree is an online community classified ads website when it is located in Britain. The Gumtree platform was founded in the year 2000, over 20years back in March by a group of two men, whose names are Micheal Pennington and Simon Coorkall. The Gumtree, the classified ads website, became one of the most top-ranking classified ads sites, after the death of the backpage and it is well known in some parts of the world like AFRICA and AUSTRALIA.

The gumtree advertisement services comprise of both paid and free classified ads, depending on the category of your choice.

GUMTREE aims to join Australians and South Africans who are in search of services and employment together.

3. YesBackpage

Yesbackpage as the new backpage

The Yesbackpage platform is a newly launched backpage alternative website that gives everyone the leverage to make any post ads for free. It behaves and has a lot of similar features just to that of the original backpage website.

When talking about Backpage alternatives, this platform must be mentioned. As it is amongst the top best backpage alternative websites—giving you the open field to buy and sell any product of your choice when you create a well descriptive profile and post-your service.

4. Locanto

Backpage alternative called locanto

Another Good Backpage Alternative is what is known as Locan to which was originated in Germany and now available to more than 57 countries worldwide with steady and unique growth, starting in the year 2008. It is a popular classified ads website that can be used in place of the good old backpage.

Their service also includes making available a mobile app, both compatible with iOS and Android, having a category search-based system. Posting of ads has been made very easy, and the Indians highly and rampantly use it.

5. Classified Ads


Classified Ads are one of the good alternative sites to use now when the backpage is gone. It is a classified ads website just as the name implies, which contains ads related and linked to categories such as jobs, housing, vehicles, real estate, e.t.c, and many more services and groups. Posting of personal advertisements on Classified ads is free without a cost. You can search or post your ads on Classified Ads entirely for free. Growing very fast with over 3 million viewers and a beautifully simple UI (User Interface) design.

6. Craigslist


Craiglist is the best-classified ads platform after the back page. It is an American based advertisement website with good user experience so far, and also has a high demand due to its likes on its ads. Just like the backpage, craigslist was closed by the USA also in the year 2010, after accusing them of prostitution promotions. The service shutdown and came back standing tall in the year 2018 and closed and took down all forms of personal ads.

7. OfferUp

The company known to offer up was launched in 2011, and it’s highly known for its standard mobile marketplace. When the offer-up was launched, it had some fierce competitors like Gumtree and Craiglist. Their platform is available for both Android and ios. Breaking all barriers to make buying and selling of products easy. Craiglist marketplace is highly known for tech gadgets and give the ZOOM tool to view products well. All products are linked and categorized based on your geolocation to enhance face-face interactions. Transactions can be made with cash or via the offer-up payment system.

8. 5miles

5miles as backpage alternatives

5miles?! The name sounds weird, right? 5miles is one of the dopest and best platforms where you can indulge yourself in buying and selling activities that you want FREE. It is an excellent platform that is also geo-location-based to help you detect and discover classified ads around your area or locality. Categories made easy, JOBS, HOUSING. And HIRING services. Available for both Android and iOS.

One unique and special feature about this platform is that it allows you to add a VOICE NOTE for you to describe and talk about your products in detail. Buyers and sellers can be rated based on their tracking performances, and products are easily discovered by viewing photos of the products and discussing with the seller via chat.

9. OLX

OLX marketplace

OLX, we all have heard that name as they spent a lot on Facebook ads and google ads in the few years. It is an online platform, or let’s call it an online marketplace where one can buy and sell products and services, both brand new products and also fairly used products to customers who are in need. OLX currently has over 200 million active users with over 24 million new listings every month end. OLX has gone so wild and viral as its popularly known and available in more than 41 countries worldwide. Stats of the OLX company, holding over 3500 employees and had a record of 11 billion views in the year 2014.

It’s an Alternative to Craiglist and Craiglist is an alternative to backpage. So if we make the calculations right, OLX is also an alternative to the backpage.

10. Oodle

oodle marketplace

A platform Oodle was founded in the year 2004, and it’s based in the USA, California, to be precise, and it is currently the best-classified ads platform in San Mateo. Oodle shows a lot of queries from different sites and platforms. It shows listings from various platforms in different regions and countries. oodle doesn’t work based on geolocation as t shows listings from over 1000 countries like the US, Ireland, Canada, India, and the UK. With Oodle, you can get excellent ideas and pieces of information on websites with listings. Using an API for external site publication.

11. GiganticList

Just as the name implies as GiganticList, this is an online classified marketplace where you can freely post and publish classified ads after signing up on the platform. As simple as TAPPING A BUTTON to get your classified ads posted. A well-categorized view to sort out products in a simple way making products easier to find and buy, ranging from jobs, real estate, housing, cars, e.t.c.

GigianticList is available in New Zealand and also in the US and UK, e.t.c. Tools like a filter to make searching for products more accessible and also a wonder User-friendly interface.

12. OkCupid


OkCupid classified ads system is based in America and focuses on online dating, friendship, and also social networking just like tinder. The platform is far much more used way than tinder. It places a bank of questions and options in other to make the perfect match for your love among other members of OkCupid, just like a filter to help you get a partner. Firstly you would need to write a good bio and upload a photo after creating your profile.

It opens a channel to communicate via messaging and also with the use of internet services such as emails. They come up with events to bring people together. For example: in the year 2007, a competition was held up, which is known as ‘CRAZY BLIND DATE,’ where people are going to a blind date at a free cost of dating service.

13. Geebo


Geebo is an American based classified online advertising website that was started in the year 2000. Services, products, and goods can be quickly published on the Geebo site for free. Geebo is very popular due to its promotions it made with many different sites.

And due to issues with sanctions, Geebo stopped all forms of personal ads in the year 2010. Geebo promoted its services on higher websites by itself, all by itself, when it started. The main aim and focus of this company are to make services, products available for buyers and sellers to improve their business quickly.

14. LetGo


The Ex CEO of OLX launched LetGo in the year 2015. It is an excellent website to use in place of the backpage, as it delivers features and services that the good old backpage gave.

Due to its unique features, LetGo became very popular in a short period, or should I say a little amount of time. It has a user interface that is dope and clean allowing you boldly see the categories on the homepage of the website and developed its app both compatible for iOS and Android.

Items viewed to customers based on the geolocation of the buyer and geolocation of the seller. LetGo services are given freely with no charge placed on it in any way at all; however, it has a paid beta app with underlying features. Mobile built. i.e., it is constructed mainly, especially and specifically for smartphones.


15. DoubleList

Doublelist, just like a dating app, helps to connect singles all around the world and also serves as a business platform simultaneously. Lots of individuals who got hold of this application have used it to grow their business worldwide and also have helped to connect a lot of people who have similar characteristics together.

One can send messages to each other via chat and also gives buyers and sellers to post their jobs or preferred services in the form of published personal ads.


If still in need of a backpage website you can access, you can use these 15 websites as they are the best alternatives to the backpage right now. Hopefully, none of them is going to be taken down by the US at any time soon. Need backpage, and you can’t get it cause its down, then go for the alternatives.