Best 5 SportSurge Alternatives to Watch Free NFL, NHL, and Soccer Live

SportSurge is a popular online platform that allows millions of internet users to watch their favourite sports NBA, NHL, NFL, MMA, boxing, Moto Race, Soccer, and other sports, for free.

Numerous advantages come with Sportsurge. Aside from free online sports streaming, Sportsurge also provides live commentary and information about the sport. It is one of the best live streaming sports platforms online over the years and one of the most reliable currently.

Based on users’ experience, if you don’t like some of the features or materials in Sportsurge, you need to look for quality and better sports websites where you can stream live sports matches and others you can use as a great alternative for Sportsurge.

Best SportSurge Alternatives

If you are looking for a Sportsurge alternative, better website to watch free NFL, NHL, soccer, and other sports life, then you need to read the information contained here to the end.

SportSurge Alternatives To Watch Free NFL, NHL, and Soccer Live

1. LiveTV

LiveTV is a popular Sportsurge alternative. It is available for all internet users to stream live sports matches. Other related events like soccer, NFL, NHL, and other sport are also available for free streaming LiveTV.

LiveTV is simple and easy to use. It is available for all internet users that want to watch live sports events for completely free.

If you want to try another live streaming online platform, after SportSurge, you need to use LiveTV because it comes with many advantages.

Aside from Sport live streaming and highlights streaming, you can also get sports news and other sport-related information on LiveTV as you stream your favourite sport live on the go.

Website Address:

2. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is another Sportsurge alternative for live sport streaming for all internet users to stream their favourite sport for free. This popular streaming platform is a free IPTV website that comes with a great user experience.

Stream2watch is an IPTV service that supplies all internet users with numerous countries’ most popular TV channels. Currently, there are over 350 networks on this popular live streaming website.

Most of these TV channels are Sport or sport-related channels, including ESPN and other local and international sports channels.

You can also stream live TV series like ‘Wedded with Children’ “The Walking Dead” and other related TV series from several TV channels.

Stream2Watch streaming platform has been around for a long. Over the years, they have changed their domain name. At first, they use before they changed it to At the moment of writing this article, Stream2Watch uses As their official domain name. It is available for all internet users to stream their favourite sport live for free. When you started using Stream2Watch, you don’t need to pay for any cable TV before you can watch a live sports event.

Stream2Watch shows live soccer, NBA, boxing MMA, Darts, Snooker, NHL Hockey, Pro Wrestling, high school basketball, and sports on their official website.

Stream2Watch is one of the best Sportsurge alternatives when it comes to streaming live sports events.

Website URL:

3. NFLBite

NFLBite is also one of the best alternatives for SportSurge. This popular streaming platform is completely free. NFLBite is designed for those who don’t have money to pay for cable TV or those that want to view live sport on the go.

NFLBite allows all internet users to stream live sports events for free. It is available for all NFL fans alone because it is created for NFL live match highlight, review, and other video and text content related to the NFL.

Website URL


VIPBoxTV is one of the SportSurge alternatives available for all internet users to stream their favourite sport live without paying for cable TV.

The platform allows its users to view NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, EPL, and other sports events live from their website. Aside from that, you can also view sports highlights after the match.

VIPBoxTV service also allows its users to answer sports-related questions. There are several questions on some pages on the website.

Website URL:

5. Footybite

Footybite is also one of the best SportSurge alternatives. This popular website is created for football lovers. It is one of the best websites that provide the latest information about football on the internet. Aside from football information, you can also get the latest video game information and updates on this popular website.

Suppose you want to know more about football and other football-related information like highlights, previews, live football match streaming, football news, and other related content, including video games information and updates. Then you need to log on to Footybite official website to enjoy these benefits.


I’m very sure you’ll be able to make use of the available SportSurge alternatives in this article to stream your favourite sports match live on the go.

SportSurge is an online platform that provides live sports coverage, highlight, and review of your favourite sports, including soccer, NBA, MMA, boxing, wrestling, and other sports, for free for their users.

These SportSurge alternatives will help you to cut all the unnecessary costs of paying for cable TV subscriptions and other related fees before you can watch your live sports event. Aside from that, you will be able to watch live NBA, MMA, soccer, and sports event on the go.

SportSurge is one of the best live sport streaming websites. You can also make use of the available SportSurge alternative to view your favourite sport live.