15 Best Working Alternative Sites like Kissanime To Watch Anime For Free

Best Working Alternative Sites like Kissanime To Watch Anime For Free. Kissanime is quite popular for being one of the best English subbed and dubbed anime in HD. The website is an anime video sharing platform which users can watch anime for free.

Before now, we talked on the kiss anime android application. The app allows you stream and download your favorite anime series and movies for absolutely free. If you’d rather prefer using apps to actually visiting sites, you should consider checking that app out.

Back to the subject matter, Kissanime is seen as the website most anime lovers spend time. Reason for this is, the website offers a wide range of anime movies and series. There are different anime genres to choose including Horror, Comedy, Romance, Fighting, Adventure and a whole lot more.

Asides being able to access these movies and series for free, kissanime has the largest collection of uploads, of which most are in relatively good quality. By good quality, we are making reference to video qualities between 240p to 1080p.

Kissanime : best sites like kissanime

In this post, we will be looking at some of the best working Kissanime Alternatives to watch animes for free. This is necessary for situations where the site isn’t working, you can choose to opt in to any of the sites mentioned here.

KissAnime Alternatives : Best Sites Like Kissanime To Watch Anime For Free

Listed below, are some of the best Kissanime alternatives. These similar sites are necessary for satisfying your anime entertainment cravings.

As you know, the website seem to be taken down from time to time. As at the time of writing this, https://kissanime.ru currently works.

In a case whereby the site is taken down again, it makes sense to check out similar sites like kissanime. Below are some of the best options to check out:

1. AnimeFreak

URL: http://www.animefreak.tv

animefreak site like kissanime

AnimeFreak is one of the best resourceful websites to watch anime online for free. The website offers both subbed & dubbed version of these movies and shows. The website even prides as the most streamed sites online.

Use of animefreak is totally free and registration isn’t required. That means, you can watch your favorite anime movies and series without having to create an account.

It’s pretty easy to find the latest added animes on the site as the homepage clearly displays the latest updates. There are other options like latest mangas, ongoing animes and other options. Use of the site is easy and even a newbie shouldn’t have a problem with navigating through the site.

2. Anime Planet

URL: https://www.anime-planet.com/

anime planet as kissanime alternative

Anime Planet is another kissanime related site that shares anime recommendations, reviews, manga and a whole lot more. The website claims to have over 45,000 legal, industry-supported anime episodes. Users can create their anime list on anime planet. That way, they get customized recommendations and the likes.

Founded in 2001, you most likely can’t go wrong with anime planet. Asides being anime related sites, anime planet is seen as more of a community. This is as a result of the site being developed by fans and dedicated to anime lovers. While registration isn’t required, it makes more sense to register before use. This as a result of getting extra features like customized recommendations, engagement and sort.

3. Anime Season

URL: http://www.animeseason.com/

Anime season is another resourceful site for anime lovers. The website is of course, free and offers free anime content for users to enjoy. The videos on anime season for the most part, are of high quality. The fact that it comes with lesser ads makes it a worthy kissanime alternative.

4. GoGoAnime

URL: https://www17.gogoanimes.tv/

Gogoanime site to watch anime movies and shows

When it comes to anime related sites, you definitely cannot go wrong with GoGoAnime. GoGoAnime is a household name when it comes to these sort of contents.

The website has had to change URL over the years but has yet, sticked to being active. The website provides latest released dub anime as well as popular ongoing shows, recently added series and more.

Users can also easily navigate through the site by using the Genre option. Simply select between action, adventures, cars, comedy, drama, fantasy and more.

5. MyAnimeList

URL: https://myanimelist.com/

myanimelist website

MyAnimeList is another awesome similar site like kissanime. The website prides as an anime and manga database and community. How well does it live up to the hype? So well, if you ask me.

MyAnimelist on its homepage, shares some spring 2019 animes, latest updates episode videos, promotional videos, and lots more. The interesting thing with MyAnimeList is the community. Users can interact with contents on the site as well as relate with other users on the platform. There’s also the option to share articles, reviews and more on the site.

6. AnimeLab

URL: https://www.animelab.com/

animelab site

Perhaps the most differently designed site on this list so far, Anime lab does feature an intrusive design. Use of animelab is absolutely free and on the site, you can watch loads of free animes from Japan. Thousands of episodes are said to be streaming for free. Hence, if looking for kissanime alternatives, animelab is one to have on your radar.

On the site homepage, you can find some popular shows available to watch instantly. Asides accessing the website, anime lab can be enjoyed right from the comfort of your mobile devices. The app is available for download on iTunes App Store, Google Play store, PlayStation store, Xbox store, and a few smart TVs like that of TELSTRA TV and Samsung.

7. Chia-Anime

URL: http://ww2.chai-anime.tv/

Chia anime website

Just like kissanime, Chia-anime provides a wide range of anime movies and series streaming for free. The videos on the site are in high quality. Hence, if looking for sites to watch anime movies and shows in high quality, Chia-Anime is definitely one to have on your radar.

Chai-Anime also makes it easy for users to discover new contents to watch. There is a tab indicating the hot animes this season. This way, users can get to see what’s trending at the moment. There is also the latest animes episodes, genre list, and the new anime series tab.

8. Crunchyroll

URL: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

crunchyroll website

Crunchyroll is another household name in the world of anime sites. As a matter of fact, Crunchyroll is perceived as one of the biggest and most popular anime site. Being one of the biggest and most popular, it’s safe to consider crunchyroll is a worthy alternative to kissanime website.

Crunchyroll provides English dubbed and subtitled anime movies and series for users to enjoy. This way, even non-native speakers can still enjoy the contents the site has to offer. Asides this, video quality on the site is about 720p. This aids better viewing experience. However, unlike most sites on this list which doesn’t require registration, Crunchyroll requires registration which needs to be associated with a working email address.

Asides accessing the site on your computer or phone, Crunchyroll can be accessed on other devices including Wii U, Chromecast, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vitae, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Apple Devices, Roku Box, and Windows. Translations are also available in different languages.

9. 9Anime

URL: https://9anime.to/

9anime website

9anime is another site that allows users to watch anime online, watch English Anime online subbed, dubbed. The website has a clean and easy to navigate user interface with quick filters allows you to find shows and movies via Genre, year, type, language, season, quality and status.

The recently updated tab displays a few recent anime series added to the site. There are other options like Subbed, Dubbed, Trending and the likes.

10. AniWatcher

URL: http://aniwatcher.com/

aniwatcher site

Aniwatcher is considered as one of the best alternatives as a result of its frequent update. What this means is, anime movies and series on aniwatcher are often updated from time to time.

The site also displays the trending episodes option on its homepage which displays the episodes that are currently trending on the site. This way, you can be sure to get the popular series to watch. There is also the latest ongoing episodes and series. There’s just a whole lot you can find on aniwatcher.

11. HorribleSubs

URL: https://www.horriblesubs.info/

Although launched in 2009, Horriblesubs has grown to be one of the best sort after anime streaming sites thus deserving of being seen as one of the best kissanime alternatives. Horriblesubs does offer free streaming of anime movies and shows in HD Quality. Not only can you stream from the site, you can also download from the site.

Asides being a site that offers anime contents, the site also functions as a discussion ground for anime lovers, thanks to the Disqus comment system on the site.

12. AnimeNova

URL: http://www.animenova.org/

Animenova is another site that allows users to watch anime online for free, both subbed and dubbed. Although it was formerly known as Anime44 before transitioning to animenova, the site still has a huge catalog of movies and shows in its database.

As at the time of writing this, the animenova site now redirects to Gogoanime which would seem like what we already discussed earlier, but different. So yes, the URL is different from what we already discussed earlier.

13. AnimeFrenzy

URL: https://ww2.animefrenzy.eu/

AnimeFrenzy is another site like kissanime that provides a wide range of anime movies and series. The website gets frequently updated with latest episodes just like a few other related sites on the internet. Hence, you can be sure you’d be able to watch your favorite episodes for free on the site as soon as they get released.

14. OtakuStream

URL: https://otakustream.tv/

Although launched in 2017, OtakuStream has grown to be one of the best resourceful platforms for anime related contents. This is a very interactive Site like kissanime.

The design element on this site is really cool. One could toggle the theme to either dark or light, whichever works for you. Episodes are also often updated with other options to see random anime, and random movie. Filters are also available to streamline your search as well as other options to showcase more content on the site.

15. Kuroani

URL: https://ww1.kuroani.me/

Kuroani does sounds like a Japanese name, doesn’t it? Well, this is indeed a resourceful site for anime related contents. Due to its layout and the ability to provide latest episodes as the come, Kuroani is a similar site like kissanime. To be real, it’s called KuroAni.


The list of best working alternative sites like kissanime to watch anime for free online above, isn’t all there is. There are still a few sites providing these sort of contents. However, as at the time of writing this, the list above covers the best working similar sites like kissanime.

Based on my research, I realized that some of the anime sites related to kissanime has either closed down, or gone into extinction. For that reason, I had to take my time to bring up this comprehensive list of working kissanime alternatives.

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You can be sure that the sites above will satisfy your anime movies and series cravings. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask using the comment session.

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