OLX Nigeria – Beware Of Scammers On The Online Marketplace

It’s been quite some time now since i have always wanted to talk on olx nigeria and scammers who are obviously trying to bring the reputation of the online marketplace to the moods.

If you are an internet researcher who have always sourced for buying and selling things online, you probably would have heard of OLX.com.ng.

The site isn’t new. No, not all. Its been existing for a pretty long time now although rapid explosion was just put to place sometime ago. Initially, when i first knew of olx nigeria, it seemed interesting to me. I actually loved the innovation behind the website.

OLX website isn’t just present in Nigeria alone, it’s even present in the US alongside other few countries. OLX was created as an online marketplace in which, anyone could sell their used belonging to interested buyers.

beware of scammers on olx nigeria

As at when i first knew about OLX, it was pretty comfortable and ‘almost’ scam free but for some couple of months now, the reverse as been the case. I recall buying my Tecno n9 android tablet from a seller who posted the ads on OLX. We bargained on the price over the phone, meet one on one and sealed the deal. It felt awesome because i bought the product at a more lesser price than what it has been sold in the market.

Beware Of Scammers On OLX Nigeria

A couple of months back, I wanted to buy a used Blackberry phone for a friend, there were loads of devices which obviously met my specification but what amused me was the prices attached to what we’re described as ‘Brand New’. You can imagine a situation whereby a Brand new Blackberry Q10 is going for around N30000.

At first, I felt a little skeptical but you know what the elders say: ‘A Trial will convince you’. I decided to give the seller a call. In the course of our conversation, he was like, I would have to pay an upfront payment which was termed as a ‘Commitment’ before the phone can be delivered to my doorstep. At the sound of this, I asked ‘Oh really?’ and he said yes. In my kind attitude, I told him thanks but I don’t indulge in such deals and he said that’s how the company operates.

That’s just an instance. Couple of other deals i perceived as scam always acted in like manner. People as these are now all over OLX. Going from cars, to Electronics and others.

Safety Tips For Shopping On OLX Nigeria

Scamming is something no one has the power to control. However, everyone has the power to prevent been scammed. I’d believe only greedy people can be scammed in most cases(Forgive my instinct if i am wrong).

  • OLX always state on its website that she shouldn’t send any amount whatsoever to any seller for a product you intend buying.
  •  OLX recommends you meet with the seller in an open place, properly check what you are buying before making payment and leaving with your product.
  • Forgive me if am been biased, but OLX was created as a market place for sells of used or ‘no longer need’ belongings and it’s only advisable to stay at that. Most brand new products flagged on the website are scams.

If you must buy brand new products online, you should look at other places like Konga, Jumia and a couple of other sites which promises payment on delivery for its product.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. It’s better to spend some credit on airtime in getting full details on how a deal is done rather than send money that’s obviously gonna end up in voice mail.

Now for the OLX team, i understand that ads posted on the website are moderated before being posted. I would advise that the team stick to approving and publishing only used products rather than approving brand new products everywhere.

Amongst all this, OLX Nigeria still rocks. I love the innovation but more security measures needed to be put in place to reduce scamming since it cannot be stopped.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉