Fix Unable To Upload Pics Via Gallery On 2go Using Blackberry Q5, Q10,Z10

I recall the first time I bought my blackberry 10 phone, the first app I downloaded and installed was 2go messenger. I downloaded and installed the app not because I loved it so much but because most apps I liked were pre-installed.

Most secondary apps I needed like opera, Google chrome or Firefox where not present in the blackberry world.Guess I should just say, I was actually forced to downloading the app first lol.

On my earlier post, I wrote on how to download 2go messenger for blackberry 10. My experience with the 2go app on bb10 hasn’t been awesome. I actually preferred the android version.

I didn’t so much enjoy the app on my bb because I couldn’t upload my pics via gallery folder on my bb10. The only way I could upload pics was via direct camera which sucks.

Based on that issue I was having, I’d have to revert to my android tablet whenever I want to upload pics to my 2go account via gallery.

At first, I thought I was the only one experiencing this but then, I realized it was a general problem with blackberry 10 phones like blackberry Z10, Q5, Q10.

Following this ordeal, I have always wanted a solution to help those experiencing such problems and Yes, I did.

Solution To Uploading Pics On 2go Via Gallery Folder Using Blackberry Q5, Q10, Z10

Knowing that I could install android apps on my blackberry 10 easily, I decided to delete the bb10 version of the 2go app installed on my phone and then download the android version.

Initially, it was difficult getting the official 2go app for android to download but I got it. After downloading and installing the android version of 2go messenger on the bb10 phone, it worked fine.

Uploading profile pics via gallery now works, sending pics via gallery also works and it seemed much faster than the normal 2go app for blackberry.

Steps To Deleting And Installing 2go android version on bb Q5, Q10, Z10

I quite understand that it might to difficult getting through the simple step outlined above but I’d like to guide you through with steps.

#1. The first step would be deleting the bb10 2go app you downloaded. To do this, tap and hold the 2go app

#2. At this point, you would realize all apps installed on the phone are bubbling. Simply tap the trash icon right above the 2go app and choose to delete it.

#3. When done deleting, the next option step would be downloading the android version of the chat app.

#4. In other to save you the stress of having to search, I have uploaded the app that worked for me on sharemobile. You can download from Here.

#5. When done downloading, install and open.

Now, log in your 2go username and password. Try uploading a profile pics and you can find the option to upload via gallery right? Cool huh?

That’s my proven solution to been unable to upload profile pics on 2go via gallery using blackberry Z10, Q5 and Q10 phones.

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