How Do I Download 2go On My Phone?

Despite how many times I had written on how to join 2go, how to download the 2go app and lots more, I still find people asking this simple question, ‘How Do I Download 2go On My Phone?

Having this question in mind, I’d like to give a possible solution for all phone Operating System  ranging from Java to iOS.

2go messenger app works on virtually every phone but not all phones. Phones with no internet connection cannot use the app neither can some low-end phones use the application.

Download 2go For Java Phones:

I categorically do not believe that the chat app works on all java phones but am pretty sure it works for most of these phones. If you are using a java phone and looking out to downloading the 2go app on your java phone, you can access the 2go website using the phone’s default browser. Wondering what the 2go website is? Its You can read The Official Site To Download 2go Chat App Messenger Latest Version for more related site URLs.

Download 2go For Symbian Phones

Symbian phones are s60 devices while Java are s40. Symbian devices uses apps with .sis and .sisx extensions while java uses .jar or .jad. Just as same step for java devices, visit with the phone’s default browser and you should be able to download from there if the app is compatible with your device.

Download 2go For Window Phones

I kinda think this is where most people do have problems. Although I haven’t used or accessed a windows phone for a long while now, I still kinda understand what app types they use. The last time I checked, most windows phones like HTC, Nokia Lumia etc uses .cab file extension. Hence, you can visit the official website of 2go using the default browser or better still, visit some popular file sharing sites like and search using or .cab in general which should bring up cab files for windows phones.

Download 2go For Android

Download 2go app for android is pretty easy. Oh well, android seems to be one of the most used OS in the current mobile world and having an android app is sure gaining more exposure. You can download 2go app for android from the Google play store link herein. Its compatible with virtually every android phones and tablets running an android OS.

Download 2go For iPhone

IOS devices which are mostly apple devices like iPhone, iPad etc also uses 2go. You can use the default browser in accessing the 2go website or better still, visit the iOS app store and download from there.

Update: Going by the comments, it seem as though a lot of people had issues with downloading 2go on their iOS device. Guys, 2go is now officially available on the App store for your iOS device. Simply visit the app store on your phone, search for 2go and download.

Please note, 2go is currently only available for iPhone on the iOS platform. However, you can still have it on iPad. The User Experience on the iPad of course, will be affected. Reason being that, the app is currently only available for iPhone.

How To Download 2go On Blackberry 10 Phones

If you are using a blackberry 10 mobile device like the Blackberry Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30 and other device running the BB10 Operating system, you might be having issues with knowing which site to download 2go application from.

Basically, 2go has lots of domain names which include,, etc. On some other phones than the BB10, visiting any of these domains could lead you to where you could download 2go messenger app. However, on a bb10 device, its kinda different.

Download 2go messenger

For instance, if you visit using your blackberry Q5 default browser, it takes you to a page which seem like the desktop version and main website of the application but you can’t download the chat app from there. Here on this post, I’d like to walk you through on how to Download 2go chat app on a BB10 device.

How To Download And Install 2go On BB10 phones

  •  Using the default browser, visit
  •  Choose to download the latest version of the application and you will automatically be redirected to your blackberry world app
  •  Download the app. After downloading, the app should install itself which you will be notified as that is done.
  •  After successful installation, open the app and you are good to go.


  •  Launch your BlackBerry world app on your bb10 device and search for 2go, download, install and use.

It’s that simple, isn’t it? I’d believe with the contained tutorial above, downloading and installing 2go chat application on your blackberry 10 phone shouldn’t be a big deal.

There you have it buddy. Choose your phone OS and follow the steps therein. If you are still having problems downloading 2go on your phone, please let us know the kinda phone you use via comment and we’d let you know if it could work on your phone or not.

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