4 Websites You Can Buy Used Cars In Nigeria From Private Sellers

The rate at which Nigerians sort after cheap used cars to buy is quiet alarming. Buying used cars sure saves you some amount of money but then, for peeps like me who love getting things done online, it would be nice to buy from the right sources.

I Quite understand that most people are looking to buy from private sellers or owners instead of going through dealers.

The bitter truth is, most cars sold online are done by the dealers. However, there are some real honest sellers online looking to sell their used cars which they no longer have a use for or whatever reason.

Websites to buy used cars in Nigeria

If you have been searching for websites online where you can buy cheap used cars online, then I have got some to share with you.

Sites To Buy Used Cheap Cars Online Via Private Sellers

These are a few of the websites you can purchase used cars from, online. Precisely from Private sellers rather than dealers.

Nairaland Autos Forum

As you probably know, Nairaland is one of the biggest online forum in Nigeria. Having said that, the forum has got a wide range of sessions which fit in to most discussions that concerns our every day living.

One of those sessions is ‘Autos‘. Full meanings of Autos is Automobile and on that forum, cars are mostly talked about. Not just talked about, buying and selling can be done on that session. I bought my first car last year from a seller which I got in contact with on Nairaland Auto Session.

OLX.com.ng Cars Session

Yes, this isn’t my first time making mention or writing about OLX Nigeria MarketPlace. Even
though I had initially said that there are lots of scammers on the marketplace, there are still some sincere and honest people trading on the platform.

Upon visiting olx.com.ng, there is a car session and under that, you’d find lots of people selling their cars.

In such cases, I wouldn’t advice going for brand news cars on the platform as ‘most’ of
them are scams. Especially for those with offers too good to be true.


Just like OLX, tradestable is another online marketplace. It has also got wide sections ranging from mobiles to cars and more. It is just an online marketplace like olx hence, there are possible scammers on the website.

Just be sure not to go for offers that seem too good to be true. Besides, you shouldn’t send money for whatever reason. All dealings should be made in person.


Jiji.ng only came into the limelight like a couple of months back and so far, the brand has turned out to be one of the most known online selling platform.

The online selling platform just like OLX, pretty much houses every used items and services that can be sold or rendered. This of course, involves being able to sell used cars in Nigeria. Buyers can also look at the platform and possibly gun for used cars from private sellers on the platform.

So far so good, these websites are sites I can recommend to which you can buy used cheap cars from. Not just buying cheap cars, but buying from direct private sellers.

Safety Tips When Buying Used Cars Online

Having disclosed these sites to you, these are some safely tips you should abide to when you decide to purchase cars or anything online.

Never Send or Transfer Money or Recharge Card

You should be aware never to send any money or recharge card to anyone over a car you intend buying. This shouldn’t even be exclusive to cars but anything at all you are buying online. Especially from the above mentioned online market websites.

One gimmick most scammers use is, requesting money for delivery. NEVER fall for such trick.

If you should get in contact with anyone and he tells you to send any amount of money whatsoever, just bang the person off your phone or stop chatting with him. That’s an obvious sign of a scammer.

Meet Face To Face In Public

You should meet the seller on a face to face agreement. Properly inspect the car and the papers before closing on a deal. If you are in Lagos, I would recommend going with a VIO officer or an officer who can easily spot fake car document from the legitimate one.

After all, if the deal is clean, the seller shouldn’t be scared about anything or you coming with anyone.

You should also make sure you meet in a public place and not an undisclosed location. Your safety is very important and you should treat it as such. You should also go cashless. Just have your transport fee with you. If transfers must be made, utilize the services of a bank close-by or simply make transfers using your bank’s mobile internet banking services.

Go With A Car Engineer

In Nigeria, they are often called Mechanics. Other than going with a VIO officer or one who is vested on car papers, you should also go with a car engineer. You don’t want to buy a car this minute and the next minute, the alternator is bad.

Hiring a car engineer shouldn’t be expensive. If this won’t be your first time of using a car, I’d assume you already have a mechanic. Simply implore his service and have him go with you. His duty is to properly inspect the car and tell you the state before you decide or whether or not, to still close on the deal.

Buying cheap cars online in Nigeria is very much possible. With the tips above, you should be good to go.

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