– Download Applications, Softwares, Files For Mobile And Computer is one site that has been on the internet for a very long time, I have known about the site as far back as 2006 as one of the best sites for downloading applications and software for free. has got a wide collection of apps, soft-wares, and files for various devices ranging from mobile to computer, android and more.

Java and Symbian software apps seem to top the majority of files on the site as at the time I first knew about the site but recently, files like musics(mp3), videos, and pictures seem to be appearing more on the first page.

What Are The Kind Of Files That Can Be Found On

Music files are in mp3 formats, images/pictures are in JPEG, JPG, PNG formats, and videos are in mp4, and 3GP formats. downloads


There are loads of these on the site that are suitable for both java and Symbian devices, more so, not forgetting Android and iPhone apps.

HTC apps are also available on the site, just use the keyword .(File extension) in the search bar to display files suitable for your kind of device. For example, .cab which are for windows mobile phones.

The website is also mobile and PC friendly which means it has got a mobile interface and a PC interface, this is totally determined by the device used in accessing the web page.

How Do I Visit

This reminds me of one of my blog readers who called me to ask me where he could download Bible, I redirected him to sharemobile but he called me and tell me he could not find it, I later got to realize that he had visited

Please the correct web address is

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