Media.Net : Got My First Payment From Yahoo/Bing Contextual Advertising Network

Around late January was when I started using Yahoo/Bing’s own advertising company as a publisher which is registered using Although I have been reading reports and reviews about them hence I decided to try them out.

Sometime late last year, I sent a request and it was declined for reasons I never understood. Well, yes it was sort of difficult to get into yahoo/Bing advertising as a publisher until around late January this year I was accepted after making the second attempt with a welcome message from is awesome because upon being accepted to the company’s network of publishers, a personal account assistant is assigned to you and you can ask questions anytime pertaining to your account. yahoo bing advertising payment methods

Around February alone, I crossed the network’s payment threshold, the payout threshold is actually $100 although rumors had it to be $500 which isn’t true.

And around the middle of march, I contacted my account assistant asking why I have not yet received my earnings and he explained to me that I crossed the threshold in February hence payment will be processed by end of march.

Yesterday the 02nd of April, I got an email notification via my email address stating that payment is made to my account and guess what? I got my money right into my USD(foreign) account and it was via wire transfer to my account here in my country.

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Media.Net Payment Methods

The Network currently has only two methods of payment, PayPal and wire transfer, and since PayPal wasn’t supported in my country nor am I ready to go through the stress of getting a verified PayPal account,  I choose wire transfer although I had doubts if payment was really going to be possible since I do not reside in the united states or its environs.

Sincerely I was more than happy I get the money directly into my account which saved me from waiting close to one month or having to be charged any amount from my local bank and I would categorically say now that is a sure alternative to Google Adsense.

Although Google Adsense still stands out as the best in terms of money made and functionality, I think the fact that you can get your earnings paid directly into your domiciliary(Foreign) account gives an edge, am just hoping some day Google Adsense will support payments through wire transfer in my country.

BTW, I am still expecting my Chitika check to get to me here in my country since it was sent around the 29th of march and when that is done, I will write a detailed review as I have done for yahoo/bing contextual network(

Update (02/01/2014)

I got the Chitika payment in 2013 but not via check, instead, I got it via PayPal account and I have written an exclusive review about the AD company which you can read Here.

More so, I am still using and still getting my payments as of the end of January 2014 even though I have been warned of low-quality traffic twice.

Update (2/06/2014)

Is Real Or Scam?

For those asking this question, the advertising medium is real and sure pays publishers. I still get paid to date from and that is why I included the date in the update for clarification.

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