Best 5 TwitterFeed Alternatives to Auto Post Content to Social Media Channels Using RSS Feeds

Couple of days back, I received a message from Twitterfeed saying that TwitterFeed will be shutting down it’s doors on the 31st of October, 2016.

Best Twitterfeed Alternatives

Certainly, that came to limelight as the service stopped working on the date stated. I noticed all posts published from the 1st of November, were no longer being automatically shared to my connected social media channels.

Now, being a pretty satisfied Twitterfeed user for years, the news came as a shock. TwitterFeed has always helped me in auto-posting published contents to Facebook and Twitter few minutes after an article is published here on TechsNG using the blog’s RSS feed.

If you are a serious blogger, it is necessary for you to have such tool running. If not for anything, at least for the aim of driving traffic from social networks. Of course, social network is handy if you aim to improve your blog traffic over a short period of time.

You can actually choose to share your blog posts across various social networks manually. But think of the time spent in doing that. Using auto-post tools makes the process quicker thus saving you some time.

Now that TwitterFeed has shut its doors, what’s the way forward? Thankfully, there are quite a number of really good twitterfeed alternatives you can use. And I’d be sharing them here with you.

Best 5 TwitterFeed Alternatives

In no particular order, my best twitterFeed alternatives would be:

  2. Hootsuite
  3. SocialPilot
  4. Buffer
  5. auto social sharing tool has been around for quite some time now and the service has been fabulous. I picked as my number one twitter alternative specifically because I have been using the service for quite sometime and it has always delivered.

Signing up is easy. You can choose to use your twitter or Facebook account in creating an account or simply use to register using your email address.

For free, users can auto-share posts to 3 social networks from up to 5 sites using their RSS feeds.


Hootsuite auto Social sharing service

Hootsuite is another awesome alternative to TwitterFeed. Just like, users can easily auto post content from their blogs to their social media account using the blog’s rss feed.

Hootsuite for beginners who aim to start with the free service, can share contents to 3 social profiles (Facebook, twitter, Google Plus), Schedule posts, as well as get insight to basic analytics.

Premium plans on Hootsuite starts from $9.99 per month (billed annually) or $14.99 per month (monthly billing cycle).

Other auto-sharing tools like Social Pilot, Buffer, and all work exceptionally well. As expected, they all have their premium plans which should help you get better result from social marketing.

Bonus Twitterfeed Alternative For WordPress Users

Jetpack WordPress Plugin

Jetpack wordpress plugin for auto sharing posts

If you are a self hosted WordPress user, Jetpack needs no formal introduction. The plugin comes packed with a whole lot of features. And one of these features is the ability to automatically share published contents to your connected social media accounts.

Please bear in mind that Jetpack is specially for WordPress users. Hence, if you run a blog or website on any other platform, the tools already listed above should work fine.

In other to use JetPack WordPress plugin auto post option, you need to install any activate JetPack, and thereafter, activate the publicize module.

Thereafter, you will need to connect your social media accounts via the publicize option on your WordPress Dashboard. Basically, you should be able to connect your WordPress blog to Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn for the auto sharing process to take effect.

Wrapping Up

As earlier mentioned, if you aim to get traffic from your social media accounts, and you aim to keep your social media followers informed when there is a new post, it is necessary you use auto-post tools or plugin like the ones mentioned above.

If you are currently using a different sharing tool or service from the ones already mentioned above, please share with us.

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