NTel Launches VOXHD, A VoLTE app for Calls and SMS on the nTel Network

NTel has officially launched the nTel VOXHD app for Android on Google Play Store. The VOXHD app is the Telecom’s official app used for Voice calls and messages over the nTel network.

ntel users should probably not be new to this app. This is because, depending on the outlet you get the SIM from, a sales rep may have sent the app to your phone.

If you originally didn’t have the app on your phone, now you can. This is because, the app is now officially available for Android on Google Play Store.

nTel launches VOXHD app for Android

For those who don’t know, VoLTE means Voice over LTE and of course, nTel is a 4G LTE Network. Hence, using the VOXHD app, you should expect crystal clear voice calls.

Speaking about the app, ntel CEO, Kamar Abass said, “The application avails our customers of crystal clear high definition VoLTE calls, Short Message Service (SMS over LTE) as well as other traditional features expected from a cellular voice service. With this application, our customers can make and receive HD voice calls, send and receive SMS on their ntel line, with any compatible 4G device, anywhere within our coverage areas.”

The whole concept is, nTel subscribers can make voice calls to other nTel subscribers using the app. SMS is also part of the bargain.

Can I Use Other Network On The nTel VoxHD app?

The simple answer is No. NTel VOXHD can only be used on the nTel network. It certainly wouldn’t work with other networks.

How to Download nTel VoXHD

As earlier mentioned, by default, you ought to have the app on your phone. This is because, sales reps usually sends the app to their customers.

But if you don’t have the app, you can download HERE.


  • Launch Google Play Store app,
  • Search for nTel VOXHD, and
  • Download!

The app is only usable on Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher. Of course, nTel only works on 4G enabled phones.

The iOS version of nTel VOXHD app is currently not available. Perhaps soon.

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