How To Use The Best PS2 Wireless Controllers On PlayStation 2 Console

Call me old school, but I am one of those few who still proudly owns and plays PlayStation 2 in 2016. My reason for this would be the fact that I am really not much of a gamer.

Most often at times, I go months without exactly touching the PS 2 console. But of course, that’s not the essence of this post.

Basically, this post is to let you all know that you can actually use a Sony PS wireless controller on a Sony PlayStation 2 console.

use sony PS 2 wireless controller on Playstation 2 game console

If you are one of those who thinks wireless pads (controllers) on Sony PlayStation games can only be utilized from PS3 upwards, you may want to think again. PlayStation 2 game owners can enjoy that wireless benefits that PS3 and PS4 owners pride about.

According to information received, the PS 2 Wireless Controllers are not originally produced by Sony. However, I haven’t been able to authoritatively confirm that. But, I can not particularly sure if that matters. As long as it works with no side effects, who cares who the original makers are?

The Best PS Wireless Controller for PlayStation 2 Game console

Below is what the PlayStation 2 Wireless pad looks like.

PS 2 wireless controller

Based on design, its no different from the other PlayStation pads (controllers) we’ve seen.

This has switch buttons which is expected. Using the switch button, you can easily toggle the controller OFF or On. Unlike the wired controllers that automatically works when connected to the console.

PS 2 wireless controller with switch button

If you are wondering what powers the controller, it’s batteries. Yes, batteries! Or, were you thinking about something else?

 PlayStation 2 Wireless pad battery placement

The PS2 controller uses those smallest batteries you use on your TV, home theater remote and sorts. If you have a Samsung AC Unit, it uses same battery as the AC unit remote control.

How the PS2 Wireless Pads works On PlayStation 2 Game Console

So, you already know the controller itself is wireless and it requires battery, right? Now, that should give you an idea as to how it works.

Still can’t figure it out? OK, I understand. Now, in other for the controller to communicate with the PS2 console which of course isn’t wireless by default, it needs a wireless receiver and that’s where this little buddy comes to play.

PS 2 Pad wireless receiver plugged into PlayStation 2 console

As you can see from the image above, the wireless receiver is connected to the PS 2 game console. Noticed the red and green indicators?

  • When the Wireless receiver is plugged into the PS 2 game console, it displays the red light as standby, while the green will be blinking.
  • When the PS 2 wireless pad is then turned on (with battery in it of course), the green indicator goes on standby. That way, both indicators (red and green) will be on standby.
  • When that happens, the PS wireless pad has connected with the wireless receiver. You should therefore, be able to enjoy playing games on your PlayStation 2 game console wirelessly.

Price of the PS2 Wireless Pads / Controllers

If you are wondering what the price is, it’s around $10 to $15 per controller. Of course, they don’t come in pairs. At least the ones I got, didn’t.

Depending on the store you are buying it from, it may cost lesser. Here in Nigeria, I got it for around NGN2500 per controller. As earlier mentioned, the price might be lesser or more expensive somewhere else.

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