PUBG PC Download For Windows PC Fully Working 2022

Are you in search of how to play and download PUBG mobile on PC? Then you got to the right place, as we are going to give you detailed steps and information to play PUBG on your computer. This includes the PUBG PC LITE version and the PUBG PC full version, and also how to run it with an emulator.

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and it is known to be the NO. 1 Trending online battle royale online games which are available for both Smartphones and PC’s.

The PUBG game was designed and developed by PUBG corporation led by Brendan Greene, which is known by the online handle “PlayerUnknown.”

The setup and installation are effortless to apply as you can download and run the PUBG PC and LITE.

PUBG PC Download

PUBG Mobile can be run on virtually all Windows PC. If and only if the computer hardware specs can relate to the hardware requirements of the PUBG game.

PUBG is a battle royale game that implies it’s all about survival, as it keeps the characters on an island while the gamers warm-up and are taken in an airplane, and 100 players are dropped from the aircraft with parachutes.

Each Player begins the hunt and hustle to be the last survivor and last man standing, as you go through various camps and building to get loots, guns, shields( Bullet-proof vests and Helmets).

A great thing you landed on this page today, as we are going to give you the detailed guide on how to play as well as download PUBG on PC.

Many game players feel more comfortable on the Laptop when playing games. So below, you’ll see how to get both the paid and free(lite) variants of PUBG PC.


With the information given, you can download and install the premium or paid version on your computer freely via STEAM.

PUBG Download For PC

PUBG PC is compatible to run on both Windows OS and also macOS, all you have to do is add the game to your library on your steam account and get fast and easy installation on any computer.

Always monitor Steam platforms to buy when special discounts and offers are presented to users.


Requirements For PUBG To Run On Windows PC:

  • Windows: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
  • Processor Type: AMD FX-63000 and Intel Core i5
  • Memory Capacity: 8GB R.A.M
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 370 & NVIDIA GeForce GTX
  • Direct-X Version: 11
  • Network Type: Simple Steady Internet connection (3G,4G, and 5G)
  • Storage Capacity: 30GB Space


Download PUBG lite on PC

After several complaints about passionate gamers not being able to run the PUBG on PC due to their low computer specifications, PUBG corporations then decided to take a look into it and realized more revenue for them.

So a new style and variant of PUBG on PC were Launches, and it was given the name “PUBG Lite.” 

This Low-end PUBG version was built and designed specifically for computers with inadequate specifications, which cannot meet up to the requirement.

Hence, if your computer doesn’t meet up with the requirements above, feel free to try out the lite version. However, the lite version has got its own requirements.


Please Note: On April 29th, 2021 (UTC), PUBG Lite was discontinued. For this reason, the link to download was made invalid hence, it had to be removed. We recommend using downloading from the Google Playstore on android using the link above.

Requirements For PUBG Lite Version:

  • Windows Version: Windows 7, Windows 8, and 10, 64-bit
  • CPU Core:  Intel Core i3 2.4GHz
  • RAM Capacity: 4GB of RAM
  • GPU(Graphics Card): Intel HD Graphics-4000
  • Storage: 4GB of SPace Free

PUBG Mobile on PC Steps to Play and Download

Every gamer has he/her taste, and some players would prefer still using the good old pubg Mobile on PC, so if any gamer would want to run the PUBG Mobile meant for the smartphone on PC. He or she would need an Emulator.

Although here are the top best emulators that will help you download, install, play, and run the PUBG Mobile on your desktop on your Laptop for free.

Best Emulators To Download, Install and Play PUBG Mobile On PC

1. Gameloop- The Official PUBG Emulator

Gameloop Official PUBG Emulator

This emulator was built and designed by Tencent games, obviously the same cooperation which developed the Game PUBG Mobile. This has made the Gameloop Emulator the BEST and NO 1 Recommended Emulator to play PUBG Mobile on PC.

Before the name game loop came, it was previously called “Tencent Game Buddy.”

This is the best emulator due to its optimal performance and settings.

When installing Gameloop, the steps are very direct and easy as once you install and run the emulator (game loop). The PUBG Mobile game automatically begins downloading and installing on your PC with full controls.

The use of a VPN isn’t needed to enjoy and play the PUBG Mobile. And the Gameloop automatically installs and downloads updates of the PUBG Mobile on your Laptop.

2. NoxPlayer

Noxplayer PUBG Emulator

The Second Top Ranking Emulator, which can be used by gamers, is the NOX-PLAYER, which is a very highly known Emulator used for androids.

You can easily Install and Play the PUBG Mobile Game on PC using the NOX Player Emulator by installing the game from Playstore after running the emulator on your computer.

A lot of settings are available for you to tweak to get an optimal smooth running performance while playing the PUBG Mobile game on your PC.

However, you may experience some issues, try to clear all data, and reopen the play store.

This should make all errors clear out and give you the easy installation of the game.

Nox-PLAYER Emulator Setup Requirement

  • Minimum Memory of 2GB
  • A CPU of 2 or more
  • Screen-Resolution of 1280 x 720
  • Graphics Rendering Mode: Open GL and DX mode

3. KO Player: Emulator

The KO player really gives a Knock-Out; this is a known android emulator that is used in playing android games on a pc or laptop.

It has a lot of special effects and features such as; Screen-Recording and Key Mapping while gaming.

Installing KO Player

The nicknamed “Knock-Out” can be installed, however comfortable, but can be very confusing if you don’t understand its concepts.

Installation of the APK file(PUBG Mobile) on the KO Player would also require the OBB file or the Game Data File.

You would have copied the file from your android or iPhone and paste it in the adequate location on the PC.

The OBB file is Located at Storage — Android — OBB –com.tencent.ig on android. To access this folder on android, you will need a file manager app.

After the successful installation of the game, you can now run the PUBG mobile on your Laptop and enjoy the power of the KO Player.

4. BlueStacks: Emulator for PUBG

The right old blue stacks android emulator has sprouted up with its new features. It is giving itself the Bluestacks 4.

This is one of the most popularly known android emulators and as well one of the oldest and best.

Several updates on versions is making the blue stacks Player a Good Firm and Strong Emulator, which can run games like the PUBG Mobile.

Bluestacks 4 can run the PUBG with over more speed and enhancements than most smartphones and tablets.

And the installation procedure is something very silky and smooth.

All you have to do is to download the blue stacks 4, install it, run the emulator and add your Google Account, after which you would go to Playstore and install the PUBG Mobile app on the emulator.

You can as well adjust some keyboard settings and control to your taste as the gamer to enjoy it to the fullest.


5. MeMu: PUBG Gaming Emulator

Another Android Emulator for Playing PUBG Mobile, and as well as other games freely on your computer, is the MeMu Android Emulator.

It isn’t really known that much because it is a New Emulator, which has proven its stamina and name.

Playing games, running applications on this emulator feels like using a smartphone, as there are zero lags and gives goog graphical quality.

The compatibility is on another level. The MeMu is compatible with both Intel, AMD, and also Nvidia Graphics Card.

As this is capable of boosting and enhancing the gameplay of an individual or should I use the word a gamer. The laptops’ graphics card runs and holds the PUBG MOBILE Game.

The emulator Running on an Android Version 5.0 and available for download and installation on the Playstore (PUBG Mobile).

6. Droid4X: Emulator

This is amazing!! Emulator built to run applications and several Mobile Games like PUBG Mobile on Windows PC.

The emulator is used on unheavy applications and programs to run the task, and it is as well 100% compatible with Mac.

The whole installation process of the Droid4X emulator is straightforward.

Using this emulator won’t give you the best optimal settings and gameplay performance as this emulator, the last update was on March 28th, 2016.

It lacks Enhancements.

7. Remix OS Player Emulator

Remix OS Player can be used in playing the PUBG mobile on your computer freely with much ease and less stress.

This emulator supports the Nvidia GPU and gives a reliable performance as well as the total graphical performance and quality of the games played on the emulator.

Just like the Bluestacks Player, the Remix OS player is capable of allowing you to change the keyboard settings and controls to your best and comfortable position as the emulators run on an android version of 6.0.

8. Bliss OS

This is an operating system of its own and not an android emulator. However, it can be installed on an already existed computer hardware.

This different Android Operating system is different and lacks bugs 100%.

With a smooth performance power and incredible graphical optimisation to run PUBG Mobile on your PC without any further crashes.

The customisation settings aren’t way limited as it has lots of customisation controls and settings that allow users or Gamers to enjoy.

Compatible with MBR/UEFI boot loaded and run on Linux Kernel.

9. Windroy Emulator

Let us lastly look into the emulator capable of running the PUBG Mobile on PC.

This emulator is compatible to run smoothly on the Windows Kernel.

The Windroy Emulator Permits you to run applications and install and play games as it used your computer hardware specs to rin the games. With a useful Graphics Card and Memory Capacity as well as CPU, PUBG Mobile is available to run with a performance of X2 than on your smartphones.


  • 2GB RAM or MORE
  • Android Version 5.1.1 or Higher
  • If your PC is of Low Specs, always use install and play the PUBG Mobile Lite.

Play PUBG Game on Game Consoles

Xbox and The PlayStation

Gamers can play the PUBG game on their various consoles by Buying the Game CD online or at a nearby shop.

However, the PUBG was only made available to the Xbox game console, but now it is freely available for the Playstation. If you happen to own the Playstation 4 console, you can either buy the Game CD or buy online and download on your console.

Download: PUBG Mobile Game

This is a game built to run correctly for smartphones and tab, even though we just showed you how to run this game on PC via emulators.

The games are built and designed under the brand name Tencent Games, and it is available for both Android Gamers and iOS gamers.

Gamers would find it easy to install the game on their mobile smartphone by merely heading on to the Playstore or App stores.

For Smartphones with low-end specs and features, you can play the Lite Version of PUBG Mobile.


This LTE version is built for android devices with little gaming power. And is compatible with low or old android versions (4.0.3) requiring small memory space.

Can I Play PUBG On PC?

Oh Yes! you can freely play PUBG on Windows 10 and purchase from PUBG official site and Steam Game Play Store.

Must I Pay for PUBG to play on PC?

YES, you have to purchase the PUBG game before being able to play it. Although using an Emulator to play PUBG Mobile could be an improvisation.

What’s The Cost Of PUBG GAME for PC?

PUBG holds a cost price of over $30 in the USA and in the UK, it costs about 28 euros.

What Is The Official Website Of PUBG?

The official website of PUBG is Feel free to head on to get legit updates and news, allow side download patches on the website.


If you have any issues, you can head up to twitter and contact the PUBG playing Support @PUBG_Support and lay your complaints.

Thanks for your time, we hope you have learned on how to download, install, and play PUBG PC for free using an emulator and also buying the PUBG PC game from Steam.

As well as installing the PUBG Lite for PC for those with low-end devices.

Drop your thought in the comment section below and update us with any information if you know about any!!!