5 Simple Ways to Spy on WhatsApp in 2022

You would probably know that in today’s advanced technology there are unlimited spy apps that can be used for WhatsApp but do you have any idea which ones are the most reliable? In case you are new to the world of spying apps then there is no need to be worried.

We have made a small list of some of the easiest to execute and best spy apps for the sake of your convenience so there is no need to be worried about the best tool to pick from. Just have a look at the list we are going to introduce you here.

We hope that you would find them really good for one reason or another. Just have a look, make your decision and pick your favorite spy app.

Below are the 5 simple ways to spy on WhatsApp in 2020

1. Spyier

The first one that we are going to mention in the list of spy solutions is Spyier. This is one of the best options one could ask for. This app is really good and has unlimited features that not many other spy apps have for you to offer. You can just check out the best Whatsapp spying app here as to use this app you don’t have to learn any kind of technical information. Users can easily make this app work according to their spying needs.

Spyier Spy Apps for whatsapp

This user-friendly application is best for Android as well as for iOS devices. You don’t have to execute any tough commands because the instructions are really simple to follow and anyone can understand them even if they are a newbie. This app works in stealth-mode and makes the whole process of spying a way to save for the user. This application is 100% safe and real to use.

Apart from spying on WhatsApp you can gain access to the text messages, see images, videos, keep track of call logs, and see contact numbers names, check browser history, gain access to social media accounts and passwords and the rest of the activities check the current and past locations of the spied device as well. You can also read review of Spyier.

spyier dashboard


With the help of its keylogger you can get to know what has been typed, sent and received through the spied phone. In other words we can say that everything has been recorded and you would be able to get to know about it easily. Spyier is designed in the way that it is able to record every single keystroke without any issue.

Root or Jailbreak the Device

There is no need to root or jailbreak the device when it comes to using this app. There are many other apps that don’t offer these features and to use the app you are supposed to install the app first in the spied phone.

This process is really complicated and time consuming at the same time. Spyier doesn’t work like that. As we have mentioned above, it makes everything easy for the sake of your ease so you don’t have to be bothered about anything as you can easily follow instructions and use this app for the sake of spying.

No Need to Install the App

You don’t have to install the application when it comes to Spyier to do the spying task in case you need it for iOS devices. In case you need it for Android then initially you are supposed to download the app and the time the process of installation ends you will see that the icon has been removed from the screen and the app has started working in the background.

This app is really small in size and doesn’t even drain the battery so there is no need to be worried about being caught for anything. Its web-based interface lets you use this app with the help of any browser. There is no need to have a certain kind of browser to use this app.

Geo Fence

With the feature geo-fence you can easily track the device on a map where you have to mark a few spots. Whenever the app crosses those marked spots you will receive an alert. What else one could ask for as it has everything that is available in all the advanced spy apps.

2. Minspy

This is another spy application that helps you to keep an eye on the spied device’s WhatsApp. This one is really easy to use and anyone can follow the commands and set-up the app. There is no need to be feared about being exposed while using your hacking work with Minspy as it is 100% safe to use for all of us.

Minspy spy app for whatsapp

As it works in stealth-mode so this feature makes it 100% safe to use. No one would ever get to know that you are behind any hacking activity as the main priority of this app is to keep your safety its first priority.
To use this app there is no need to root or jailbreak the device. You will not find anything better than this tool when it comes to ease of utilization and price. In case you are tight at budget then this app is the answer of your prayers.

3. Spyine

This is another spy app that gives you complete access to the spied phone’s WhatsApp messages and the other related things. This is an old app and there are millions of users who are currently using this app. It has all the advanced features that people need in a well-equipped spy app.

spyine whatsapp spy app

This app works in stealth-mode and makes everything way too simple and safe for the users. You can use it for android as well as for iOS devices. Spyine offers different subscription plans so you can go for the one that comes up to the level of your needs. You can also enjoy one month free trial period of this app and get to know about it in a better way.

4. Spyic

This is the second last app in the list of the spy apps that can help you in hacking WhatsApp easily. You don’t have to follow tough commands to use this app. Spyic is 100% safe to use as it works in stealth-mode and makes everything safe for the user.

Spyic spy app for whatsapp

You can use this user-friendly app for iOS as well as for Android. With the help of this app users can easily get to know about all the activities of the spied device. Its web-based interface lets you use this app with the help of any browser.

5. Cocospy

This child monitoring application allows you to keep track of your kid’s WhatsApp and other mobile phone activities without his or her knowledge. You can do all the spying work remotely and there is no need to be worried about being caught for anything because this app is 100% safe to use.

Cocospy whatsapp spy software

You will not find anything better than this app in case your main priority is safety and reliability. Just check out the official website of this app and get to know much more about it. Infect, You can also explore neatspy blogs to read the complete review of different features of cocospy.


The above mentioned spy apps are some of the best ones when it comes to spying on the spied device’s WhatsApp. Just visit the official sites today and enjoy a first month free subscription to get to know about the application in a better way. You can move towards the paid subscription in case you find the app you are looking for.

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