Make Your Long Boring Videos Fun With These Suggestions

You’ll find millions of videos online, yet there are only a few that can capture an audience’s attention for long. Even the videos you make may not have the right elements needed to create a powerful and relevant impact on the viewers. There may be little changes, some additions, and subtraction that can go a long way to make your video worth watching.

The use of videos for different purposes, wedding anniversaries, birthday wishes, house-warming, and many such events, have taken a sudden leap during these past few years. YouTube has also become a popular platform to share videos and earn money. Hence, the need for videos to be engaging is becoming increasingly important for many.

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Although the purpose of video editing can differ based on the viewers, what remains common is the need for thoughtful editing and the right impact of the video on the audience.

Essentials of Video Editing

There are certain important features that have to be kept in mind while choosing any video editing software. The quality of the video and its content direction should not be compromised while editing. Also, the comprehension and the delivery of the content is equally important for a successful video.

You should choose an editor which has taken care of these issues. For example, this free YouTube video editor online can notch up your video editing and enhance the viewer experience.

Make Your Long Boring Videos more interesting

Other things you should look at are:

Brightness and Segmentation

Adjusting the brightness of the background and formatting different segments of the video is important. The level of brightness should maintain consistency and should not seem too much or too little to the viewers. The formatting should be able to manage and ensure the consistent pace of the video.

Trimming and Merging

Trimming videos to your desired length and merging several videos together should also be an important feature of any video editing software. If you’re compiling several videos and photographs for a particular occasion, it needs to make sense and fulfill its purpose.

Other Editing Features

Features such as rotating, cropping, adding, or transitioning segments of videos is also a part of video editing that can brush up its quality. It can help you express things without making it longer while maintaining its relevance.

Tricks to Make Boring Videos Fun

Although we discussed the essential elements of video making, there are a few other suggestions to make your videos much more interesting and fun. All you need to do is make these additions and changes while making a video, and you can create an impactful video for others.

Appropriate Resolution

While television and big screens provide a satisfying resolution for their viewers, we mostly use our PDAs to access videos. Hence, one needs to be careful while making any video, such that it does not lack in its resolution quality. For this, you need to carefully manage the codec, resolution, bit rate, and frame rate.

Only after you have them all in line, you can get the right resolution for the platforms. You may use the easiest way to edit the videos; the main purpose of the software is to get the correct resolution.

Using Appropriate Template

Another important thing to keep in mind is to choose the right template for your videos. If you’re editing a YouTube video, attractive templates help you gain viewers. You need to choose a relevant template based on your video’s objective.

You can find several free templates online for different videos.

Adding Music

Sometimes, music creates a powerful impact on the audience and attracts people to watch the video. Music also adds a rich flavor to your video and enhances your video quality. Adding background music can drastically improve the quality of your video.

You can find different royalty-free tracks for your videos online. There is also some music that you can purchase from different platforms to ratchet up your video quality.


Every video has a story to tell, whether it’s a factual documentary or an invitation for a program or function. If you can add a narrative voice or add short texts and phrases in the video, it will add some extra fun for the audience. You can make the best out of the audio-visual opportunity that video editing offers.

Not to forget that you’re making the video for the audience and not for yourself. Hence, always make sure that the narration is understood by others and is clear. It’s always the story that matters much more than the lingo you use.

Using the Right Tools

Video editing is not just about the software, but it is a balanced combination of the hardware and editing apps together. The videos you shoot need to be clear and without any glitches to make the editing smooth.

This does not necessarily mean that you need to select any expensive equipment. However, make sure you use good pro-kit and tools that do the work without making you stress too much.


Animation can come as a pleasant surprise to the viewers. You can use animations to explain complex ideas in a YouTube video, or you can use it to make a video for casual occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries more entertaining. You can create them to match the storyline.


A good video director knows when to wrap it up and not make it a terribly long video because even if you use all the fun elements, it will bore the audience at some point. You can use different forms of animations, music, and visual media for the audience to make your video engaging. Videos are a very good medium of expression in 2020, so make sure you make the best of utilizing this opportunity to have some fun.

Be creative and go all out on making videos that can create a lasting impact on the audience. You could also use free InVideo apps and tools to get amazing results.

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