How To Upload Videos On YouTube Using Mobile Device

Quite a number of my friends often ask me ‘hi Samuel, please how do i upload a video on YouTube using my mobile device?

Did you for once thought that unloading videos on YouTube can only be done on a computer? Well, i understand that. After all, that was exactly the same thing i use to think until i finally gave it a shot and it was damn easy.

YouTube happens to be the best video sharing site and no doubt that my experience there has been awesome as i watch videos with ease. I also listen to playlist and much more and not forgetting uploading my videos (yep, i just started that off late).

how to upload videos to YouTube on mobile

Wouldn’t it be nice doing something creative and uploading it on YouTube for people to see? Obviously yes, right? And those thoughts of having to buy or own a personal computer before uploading can totally be wiped off, correct?

Requirements Needed Before Being Able To Upload Videos On YouTube Using Mobile

In-other to be able to upload videos on YouTube, your mobile device needs to be able to send emails and MMS (Multimedia Messages).

Here are the steps!

  • First, before you can upload videos on YouTube you need to have an account with youtube. Having an account with them require you having a Google account. Creating a gmail account is easy and straight to the point. This, you can do right on your phone.
  • When done with that, visit and locate your username at the top right side of the page.
  • Click on it to access your profile, next you click on settings.
  • There you will find your default email upload email.
  • Alternatively, try commenting on any video and you will be asked to create an account. Fill in the necessary details and you are good to go.

Whats Next?

  • Copy out your default email upload address
  •  Now, send a  new Email on your phone attaching the video in the mail and remember that the subject of the email will be used as the title of the video so choose a good subject and not just anything.
  • Now send the email to your YouTube personal upload mail and when completed, your video wiill automatically appear on youtube when you visit your video manager section on your profile. There, you can make other adjustments if need be.

Update (Upload Via The YouTube App)

Being able to share and upload videos using your mobile phone is now more easier than ever.

Assuming you are using an Android phone or an iPhone, simply go to the App store and download the YouTube app. You can then use the upload function on the app to upload your videos.

Another interesting you should download as a Youtuber, is the YouTube Studio app. Using that make makes every thing simpler. Being able to edit and upload thumbnails right on your phone to YouTube is also much easier now.

That’s it. Isn’t it simple? Give it a shot and tell us your experience using the comment session, if you don’t mind.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉