How To Spy On Your GirlFriend/BF, Husband/Wife WhatsApp Messages

Do you know you can actually spy on your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband’s WhatsApp conversation without them knowing? Yes! And No, you do not need to install any third party app on your phone or target’s phone in other to get this working.

It’s actually a very simple process and if you’d like to know how it is done, I’d like to show you on this post.

monitor someone's whatsapp messages
It’s really been a long while since I had always wanted to write about this but I have always been skeptical in doing so. I think it’s about time I let it off my chest and that’s why I am deciding to write about it now.

Disclaimer: Please note that by choosing to put this tutorial to practice, I or TechsNG won’t be liable for any breakup, divorce or whatsoever. Please keep us out of it o lol.

It’s no doubt that WhatsApp is perhaps, one of the leading messaging apps which is used by millions of people but it is sad to know that the app doesn’t really guarantee privacy, especially since the introduction of the WhatsApp web feature.

The mobile messaging app sometime back, introduced end-to-end encryption and one would have though those loop holes would have been fixed. With the introduction of end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp said no third party will be able to read your messages.

Well, technically, maybe that is true; but it depends on your understanding of third party. I like to think anyone who isn’t you and is able to read your WhatsApp conversation, is described as third party, correct? If so, this isn’t completely true.

Your WhatsApp could still be hacked but, only if the person get’s an access to your phone with even a few seconds. While this isn’t so good, it’s good news for those who intend spying on their spouses WhatsApp Messages or conversations.

Spying On Your BF/Girlfriend, Husband/Wife WhatsApp Messages or Conversations

Just before we dive into the subject matter, let me quickly outline the requirements. Online most tutorials you’d most likely find online, this tutorial does not

Requirements To Spy WhatsApp Messages Without Installing App On The Target’s Phone

  • A PC (Personal Computer)
  • Google Chrome or Firefox Browser (Google Chrome is more preferred)
  • Internet Connection on both the PC and the target’s phone.

If you’ve got all of those requirements in place, then lets kick start. Don’t expect any magic or trick o.

Steps T0 Activate Being To Spy On Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Or Conversations

First, make sure the WhatsApp messages you want to be spying on, is running on a smartphone. By smartphone, I mean android or blackberry 10 phone. Can’t seem to find the feature on an iPhone hence, an iPhone is excluded. Nokia S40, S60 as well as windows phone can also be used although i haven’t tried using those devices.

  • Launch on the Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • On the phone with the whatsapp messages you want to be monitoring, tap on Whatsapp Web.
  • Scan the QR code by placing the phone right in front of the QR code on the computer screen situated on the homepage.
  • The code will automatically be scanned and mirrored to the web page thereby displaying all active chat messages on the phone to the PC.

Now, you can read all the WhatsApp messages that are present on that phone and can also reply them on the PC.

More so, as long as there is an active connection on the phone and even if the person travels, as long as the phone wasn’t changed nor the WhatsApp changed, you can continue reading the messages right from your computer. Just make sure you don’t log off till you have seen or read enough lol.

Update : Spy iPhone WhatsApp Messages or Conversations

From the last time this post was originally written, there has been a lot of new WhatsApp features being put in place on both android and iPhone. In relation to this content, iPhone now has WhatsApp Web on board. Yaay!

Same process entails with using the WhatsApp web feature on an iPhone and a computer. If you are not comfortable with having to key in the address in your address bar, WhatsApp now has a desktop version and that can be used as well.

The desktop version does prett much the same thing the does. There’s no noticeable difference between both. I would only advise downloading the desktop app if you’d rather use a program on your computer than a web address. Same synchronizing process applies in getting to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages or conversations.

Remember, I won’t be liable for any breakups, divorce or sorts o. Cheating is a sin even though it’s not punishable by law but a quick advice to my not-yet married nor engaged brothers and sisters, it is better you don’t spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend whatsapp chat messages so that you do not experience heart attack or high blood pleasure lol. All the best!

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