WHATSAPP: What Is Whatsapp, Where To Download And Install WhatsApp Messenger

One of the questions a lot of people get to ask in relation to mobile messaging apps is, What is WhatsApp, where to download WhatsApp, how to install WhatsApp Messenger and a lot of related questions. All these and more, i will be answering here.

WhatsApp has been around for quite a long while now. As a matter of fact, this post you are currently reading, was first written in 2011. It’s currently 2018 and i felt the need to update this post to reflect the current state of the messenger app and other questions people tend to have in regards the app.

Since this post was first written in 2011, it simply shows that the app has been in existence for over 7 years now. If you ask me, that’s a lot of time. And currently, the app ranks as the top mobile messenger app with over 1 billion monthly users. As of February 2018, the app boasts of over 1.5 billion users.

What is whatsapp, how to download whatsapp

Most android smartphones launched in the last couple of years till date, often come pre-installed with WhatsApp. Hence, the question of where to download WhatsApp or How to Install WhatsApp may not matter to you. However, for the benefit of iOS, Blackberry, windows and possibly java and symbians users, i will still talk on that.

I will try to answer every possible question in regards the app as i can. If i skipped any question you feel i should answer, please be sure to ask using the comment session and you can be sure i will respond to you and possibly update the post to reflect the answer.

Getting Started : What Is WhatsApp?

Let’s start by answering the first question, What is WhatsApp? As i mentioned in the beginning of this post, WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app. That’s the simplest definition you can get. But, how about we go a bit advanced?

According to WikiPedia, WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware and cross-platform instant messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) service. The application allows the sending of text messages and voice calls, as well as video calls, images and other media, documents, and user location. The application runs from a mobile device though it is also accessible from desktop computers; the service uses standard cellular mobile numbers.

That pretty much solves the question of what is WhatsApp. To elaborate a bit, WhatsApp is free and that’s why it is tagged as a freeware. The app is available on Android, iOS, Java, Symbian, Desktop, Blackberry and Windows and that’s why it is described as Cross-platform.

With the app, you can engage in voice calls and video calls and that’s why it’s being described as Voice Over IP (VoIP service). And oh, sending and receiving messages can be done in a split second (depending on your internet connection and that’s why it’s described as instant messaging otherwise known as instant messenger.

Hope that pretty much solves the question of What is WhatsApp?

How Does WhatsApp Work?

Somehow, this has been explained in the topic above. However, i will still try to touch down on this.

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app. Users simply need to download and install the app, register using a mobile number and thereafter, get to chat with other fellow WhatsApp users.

The way this works is, WhatsApp requires your mobile number to register. When the registration is complete, you can chat with other WhatsApp users. This doesn’t work out of the box though. You’d need to have the other user’s WhatsApp contact stored on your phone before being able to initiate a chat, Voice or video call.

How Much Does It Cost To Use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp started with a yearly fee of $0.99. However, that has been discontinued. For years now, using WhatsApp has been free.

It became free precisely in January 2016. The only cost you’d have to pay to use WhatsApp, is your data cost otherwise known as Internet Subscription.

This isn’t rocket science. Every app, software or service that requires internet to work, requires an active data subscription. The good thing is, you do not need an unlimited data plan to use WhatsApp.

A considerably limited plan can be utilized as long as you do not engage in a lot of WhatsApp Voice or Video calls. Simply instant messaging does not consume much data compared to voice and video calls.

How Does WhatsApp Make Money?

As earlier mentioned, WhatsApp used to have an annual charge of $0.99 before it became completely free to use. Now, having said WhatsApp is free, i can understand you are curious to know how WhatsApp make money.

To be clear, WhatsApp currently does not display ads. As a matter of fact, it hasn’t displayed any ads since inception. Over time, Facebook (the parent company) has been experimenting on how to make money off WhatsApp.

They recently introduced WhatsApp business which is a business version of WhatsApp. This isn’t needed by everyone. It’s simply for those who intend using the app for business. Through this, i believe the company plans to make money. Regular users of the app for now, will continue to use the app for absolutely free.

Where and How To Download WhatsApp Messenger

Having cleared the getting started part regarding the messaging app, I guess it’s time we talk about how to download WhatsApp.

The mobile messaging app is available on different platforms. It’s available on android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Blackberry, Java, Symbian and Desktop.

Although the app discontinued its service on some platforms, there is still a way to get it to work on most of them even as at 2018. To make this suitable for everyone, we are going to talk on how to download the app on various platforms.

Visiting www.whatsapp.com/download which I the WhatsApp download page, there are basically 5 platforms to download WhatsApp on; iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, and Windows PC. What about Blackberry and Java phones? Please, read on.

Download WhatsApp For Android

Being able to download WhatsApp on android is a breeze. The reason is that the app supports literally every android phone in the market right now. Hence, regardless of whatever android phone you are using (tablets excluded), as long as it isn’t ancient, you can have WhatsApp installed and running.

To download WhatsApp for android, visit the play store using your android phone, search for WhatsApp, and download.

Alternatively, visit this page to directly download the latest version of WhatsApp for android.

Download WhatsApp For iOS (iPhone and iPad)

WhatsApp is also available for iOS. By iOS, I mean the iPhone. Unfortunately, it isn’t available for iPad. However, I am guessing there is a way to make that work.

The iPhone needs to be running iOS 7.0 and above. Currently, iOS is on iOS version 11. Hence, iOS 7 from iOS 11 is a far cry.

I do not expect anyone to still be using an iPhone running an iOS version lower than 7. If you are, you should upgrade and not expect much from your current iOS.

To download WhatsApp for iPhone, simply visit the app store and search for WhatsApp. You should be able to find it there. If currently using an iPhone in viewing this content, this link should take you to the WhatsApp download page on the iTunes store.

Download WhatsApp For Blackberry 10

Blackberry no longer works on lower blackberry phones. For blackberry 10 phones, it has also been discontinued. However, there is still a way to having the app installed and running on your Blackberry 10 phone. The simply trick is download the APK version of WhatsApp and thereafter, install it.

Downloading and Using WhatsApp On Desktop (Windows and Mac)

WhatsApp is available on both Windows and Mac. However, there is a catch. Using WhatsApp on windows or mac isn’t as easy-going as it is on mobile. The desktop version is basically a desktop client. What that means is, you still need WhatsApp working on your phone for it to work on your computer.

The App version on Windows and Mac is just to allow users to chat right on their desktop computer if they are not exactly within their phone’s reach. However, the app still needs to be running on the phone and also connected to the internet (on both the phone and computer) for it to work on a desktop.

To download the app on your windows and Mac, use the official WhatsApp download link above. Thereafter, choose your preferred operating system and install it.

Just to be clear, you cannot install WhatsApp for windows on Mac and vice versa.

Download WhatsApp For S40

WhatsApp is still available for S40 phones. Currently, the app only support the following s40 phones;

  • Nokia¬†C3-00 ¬∑¬†Nokia¬†C3-01 ¬∑¬†Nokia¬†X2-01 ¬∑¬†Nokia¬†X3-02 ¬∑¬†Nokia¬†X3-02.5¬†(Refresh) ¬∑¬†Nokia¬†X2-00
  • Nokia Asha: 201 ¬∑ 205 Chat Edition ¬∑ 206 ¬∑ 208 ¬∑ 210 ¬∑ 300 ¬∑ 301 ¬∑ 302 ¬∑ 303 ¬∑ 305 ¬∑ 306 ¬∑ 308 ¬∑ 309 ¬∑ 310 ¬∑ 311 ¬∑ 515 ¬∑ 500 ¬∑ 501 ¬∑ 502 ¬∑ 503 ¬∑ 230

If you use a s40 phone different from the above listed, sorry you cannot use the app on the phone. You should consider upgrading your phone at this point.

To download the app on your s40 phone, use this link.

How To Install WHATSAPP On Mobile Phones

After downloading the WhatsApp application for your particular phone, simply choose to install it. For Android users who downloaded from the play store and for iPhone users who downloaded from the app store, the app will automatically be installed after the download is complete.

Tap on the app to run or open, you will be required to input your mobile number. You should fill in a valid number because a verification code will be sent to the number. After verification is complete, you can begin using the app.

Hope this helps.

As earlier mentioned, if you have other questions in relation to What is WhatsApp or how to use WhatsApp, please be sure to use the comment session and I will respond and update this post accordingly.

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