WhatsApp Video Call On iOS and Android : All You Need To Know

OK, WhatsApp video call coming on board has been something most users have been looking forward to. I mean, i like to think so.

When the mobile messaging app rolled out voice calls last year, this created a lot of buzz. But I am quite surprised it isn’t same with the video calls being introduced.

Before now, I shared with you reports that the video call service will be coming on board soon. I also added that video calls on WhatsApp is currently on beta. However, it was officially rolled out a couple of weeks back and most people ain’t even aware.

 WhatsApp Video Call on iPhone and android

Hence, permit me to again, bring it to your notice that WhatsApp Video Calls is now officially available on Android and iOS platforms.

How To Get WhatsApp Video Calls Feature On Android

It’s simple. Really, it is.

Launch your play store app, search for WhatsApp and tap on it.

update whatsapp to latest version on android

You should see an update option. Tap on Update and when that is completed, Tap on OPEN to launch the app and tap on any contact name.

Close to the call icon, you should see the video icon.

WhatsApp video call icon on android

Go on, give it a shot. Don’t be shy.

Get WhatsApp Video Call on iOS (iPhone)

For the iPhone folks, you ain’t left out. Whatsapp Video Call is saying Hello!

To get the new feature on iPhone, simply launch App Store and tap on Updates

Update WhatsApp to latest version on iPhone

Scroll down till you find WhatsApp. Thereafter, tap on Update.

When update is complete, tap on OPEN. This will automatically launch the app.

On iPhone, you don’t necessarily need to tap on the contact’s profile before seeing the video option. It’s displayed on the chat screen.

WhatsApp video call icon on iPhone

Go on and hit the video button and you’d be on your way to exploring Video Calls on WhatsApp.

First Impressions

Honestly, while the new feature seem really cool and all that, it still needs a lot of work.

Quality isn’t perfect. Not exactly close. You probably need a very stable internet connection in other to engage in WhatsApp Video Calls. The feature on Android is even a bit worse. Don’t know if i should blame it on the phone or the network sha.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, the new feature will be improved.

Extra Tip: Remember WhatsApp is supposed to discontinue its service on Blackberry 10 phones by the end of December, 2016? That has been extended to June 2017. Rejoice Blackberry users!

How To Activate WhatsApp Video Calls On Your Android Phone

Currently, WhatsApp Video calling is on beta. And NO, you don’t need to be signed up to whatever before being able to test out the new feature. The feature is however, only currently available to Android users.

As earlier stated, the feature is currently on beta and currently only available to Android users.

Activating is pretty simple and straight forward. Simply download the beta version of WhatsApp Here. And thereafter, you should be able to see the video icon.

Whatsapp video calls on android

Just as seen when WhatsApp Voice calls was newly introduced, both users would need to be running the app version supporting video calls before being able to initiate a video call on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp video calls not sent

If the recipient you are trying to call isn’t running the beta version that support video calls, you’d be faced with same error as seen in the image above. Additionally, there is an option to record and send a video message if the recipient isn’t available but running the latest beta version.

As earlier mentioned, this is still currently in beta. It should be available on play store in the coming weeks. And hopefully, iOS users should be able to get on the train by then.

With WhatsApp introducing video calls, I wonder what’s gonna happen to Google Duo. Does anyone even use Google Duo in Nigeria?

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