HTC Ozone Review : My Experience With The HTC Verizon Ozone Mobile Phone

For some days now i have been entitled to operating an htc mobile device, HTC Verizon Ozone to be precise. The experience has been quite fun and at same time terrible simply because it’s got some amazing features and at same-time some useful features aren’t just working fine.

Here’s is a picture of the exact htc phone model i used:

HTC Ozone review

Looks more or less like a blackberry right? To be clear, it isn’t a blackberry and it doesn’t ping. If you happen to own a blackberry phone, like the blackberry curve, bold and sort, you’d understand that the BBM ping feature is what makes the phone rock.

Now, to be candid i kind-of like the phone talking from the handling perspective. When operating the device, I have to use my two hands as though i am playing a PlayStation game using the keypad or simply operating an IPAD. Though I am kind-of used to operating cell phones with both hands even on my small java nokia (yeah I just downgraded myself but at the same time, i enjoy saying and writing the truth).

HTC Ozone Review – Features I Love In The Phone

Now, back to the main reason as to why you are reading this content in the first place. I just want to share with you my experience with using the HTC Ozone Verizon Mobile Device. HTC Ozone is the name of the phone, Verizon i believe, is the name of the carrier.

The first time i held the phone, i felt like gosh! This device is amazingly crazy. But then, there is more to it.

Here are some of the features i loved on the device:

Internet Explorer

This device has got the internet explorer browser in it and this is mostly used on PC. Although, I’d have to say that the operating functions are very much different.

Task Manager

Just like Computers which have got task manager, so also does the Ozone Phone. The task manager lists all running applications and users can simply end these applications right from the task manager window. This is exactly the same way it works on a computer. Of course, the interfaces are different.

WiFi Connection Enabled

For a relatively small phone like the HTC Ozone, you wouldn’t expect much in regards to connectivity. You pretty much do expect the phone to have provision for internet connection settings and even browse using internet settings set via APN and other usual settings. But, that’s actually more.

Just like most android phones, Nokia s60, and other smartphones, the HTC Verizon Ozone phone also supports WiFi wireless connection.

Windows Media Player

Just like computers, this HTC Model’s got a windows media player. This is particularly useful for playing music files, videos and other related multimedia files.

Online Streaming

The phone allows you stream online videos and watch online TV. However, this solely depends on your network connection and speed.

The HTC Ozone has other amazing applications that are too much for me to mention.

Problems With The HTC Ozone Verizon Phone

At first, it was almost impossible to configure the browser to using GLO Network but it works absolutely well using Airtel. That was when i even realized that the internet explorer browser allows you switch views between desktop and mobile. Isn’t that awesome? But the browser doesn’t open all pages. At least, based on the few tests i conducted. For all we know, this may just be an issue with my ISP though.

Yes! After successfully configuring the phone to the internet using glo, i realized it doesn’t open all pages. I wanted to download more applications, opera mini and boltbrower but it was just not working out. Though maybe it’s the network, but i am not that certain if it’s same on other networks.

Do you use an HTC Verizone Ozone Phone? Lets hear what your experience is or was like using the phone in the comment session below.

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