PlayStation 4 : How I Change FIFA 16 Player Movement From Analog To Direction Buttons

Transitioning from a PlayStation 2 console to a PlayStation 4 can be such a big deal. Especially if you are very accustomed to how simple, the PlayStation 2 soccer game settings like PES can be.

Soccer games like FIFA 16 and PES 2017 on PlayStation 4 gives more control over the game play. You can change the speed of the game, manually configure controls and more.

While this is very fascinating, I consider it to be too complex. Don’t mind me. I am probably old school, lol.

PlayStation 4 controller

PES settings on PlayStation 2 is quite simple and straight to the point. Of course, you can’t get to customize every bit of the game like in PS 4, the default feels pretty comfy.

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For example, you can either use the direction buttons or the analog for movement when playing the game on PS2. However, in PlayStation 4 FIFA and PES game, you have to choose between using the analog or the direction buttons. What more? By default, you have to use the analog instead of direction. For someone like me, that’s a problem.

At first, I didn’t feel good about this. I am used to using direction buttons for player movements and I certainly prefer that to the analog. Besides, I wasn’t ready to start getting used to the analog system of movement. Hence, I had to look for a way to switch back to the direction buttons.

Like I mentioned earlier, PlayStation 4 FIFA and PES games gives you room for more customization. So, switching the movement button can be attained and I’d like to show you how. However, for now, we’d stick with FIFA 16 as the case study.

Switch FIFA 16 PlayStation 4 Player Movement Controller From Analog to Direction Buttons

In FIFA 16, there are two ways you can achieve this. Either before the match starts or during the course of the match.

For this case study, let’s switch the player movement controller settings from analog to Direction during the course of the match.

By now, I’d believe you know how to kick off a match on FIFA 16. During the course of the match, press on the OPTION button on the PlayStation 4 controller.

Using the PlayStation 4 controller, Scroll down to Settings and Press X.

FIFA 16 Kick Off (In Menus) On PlayStation 4

Under the Settings Menu, select CUSTOMISE CONTROLS

Customize Controller settings on PlayStation 4

Here, you’d find the controller settings. Under Preset, choose any of the preset controllers. For easy reference, I’d recommend creating a new preset.

Scroll down till you find the Move Player option. Press X and select the Tactics & Mentality option.

Player movement control switched from analog control to direction buttons

Doing that, the L and the direction symbols will switch sides. The direction symbol will carry the Move Player instruction while the L symbol will carry the Tactics & Mentality instruction. As seen in the image above.

Feel free to customize other buttons to your taste. Like in my case, I’d prefer the L1 to serve as the Player RUN/Modifier instead of Pace Control. Use R2 and L2 to toggle between other options.

When done, press the O button on the PlayStation 4 controller repeatedly till you get back to the match.

So, there you have it. Switching the player movement on PlayStation 4 FIFA 16 game is that easy.

Subsequently, I’d be talking on how same function can be attained in PES 2017 on PlayStation 4. Interested? You should look out for that.

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