How I Grant Permissions To Android Apps Despite Using Simple Control App

Sometime back, i talked on a quick solution to Menu buttons no longer working on Android phones. There in, i suggested the use of an Android app called ‘SIMPLE CONTROL‘. This works without having to root the Android device.

Simple control has thus far, delivered. Well, if it didn’t, I wouldn’t have recommended it in the first place anyway.

However, using Simple Control App on an Android device has a flaw – Screen Overlay Detected Error.

If you are using simple control Android app, you’d most likely be faced with the screen overlay detected error. Especially on Android devices running Android Marshmallow OS.

Of course, I talked on a solution to this. On the post, I talked about disabling draw over other apps option, Grant permission to the app and maybe, enable draw over other app option.

Grant permissions to android apps

Simply stating that out, you’d most likely think it’s difficult. Difficult isn’t the issue. It actually isn’t. However, if you do not know how to, you’d most likely get stuck. Especially if your phone’s menu buttons ain’t working anymore. And when that happens, you are probably left with no other choice than to restart the phone and start all over. Now, that’s where the work lies.

Not to worry, this step-by-step procedure is meant to guide you through granting permissions to apps despite having simple control android app installed without getting stuck. Are you ready? Then let’s go!

How To Grant Permissions To Apps Despite Having Simple Control App Installed

If your Android device runs Android Marshmallow OS, you have to grant required permissions upon launching the app. Especially when launching the app for the first time. In a case like this, here is what you should do.

From wherever you are on the screen, swipe down to display the notification tray. Tap the gear icon and you will be taken to the settings page.

notification tray on android device

On the settings page, scroll down to Apps and tap on it.

Apps available on Android phone

Under the app menu, tap on the gear icon and tap on draw over other apps

draw over other apps option

Scroll down till you get to Simple Control, tap on it and toggle draw over other apps option to OFF (grey color).

Simple control app menu

At this point, the on screen menu button will no longer be visible. Don’t panic.

simple control app permission turned off

Use the back icon on the screen to return back to the apps page. Tap on the app you’d like to grant permissions to.

grant permissions to apps on android device

Under permissions, toggle all the required permissions to ON. That way, you do not have to return to that menu again.

When done, use the back button on the page again and tap on the Gear icon again.

Tap on draw over other apps. Scroll down and tap on Simple control. Toggle the draw over other app option ON and the on-screen menu button should become visible again.

Now, try launching the app and you shouldn’t be bothered with any permissions required message. That’s it.

Quite simply, yeah? If you have questions regarding granting permissions to apps on Android devices, be sure to use the comment form before this post.

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