Munch For BlackBerry : An Application For Taking Screenshots On BlackBerry Phones

Searching for an app to take screenshot on blackberry phones? Screen Munch for blackberry (details below) does the trick. Read below for more details.

While playing with a friend’s blackberry phone earlier today, i stumbled upon something i would say was interesting. Now, i can see why most pictures on the internet are stamped with the word munched.

screen munch for blackberry

Do you know there is an application on blackberry that allows you easily take screenshots of whatever thing you are doing on your blackberry phone? Yes! Munch is what does that.

Ok, take a look at the below picture.

munch blackberry

If you look properly at the picture, you will realize a word spelled munched below the picture content. Actually, that’s called a watermark and that is the outcome of the blackberry munch application.

BTW, pay no attention to what the screenshot reads. The author of the content is something else :D.

Take a Screen On BB Phone Using Screen Munch For Blackberry

If you ask me, i think this blackberry muncher app is simply amazing. All you need do is, be on the screen you want to take screenshot of, click on the menu button and click munch.

The muncher software automatically munches the screen with a vibration thereby giving you options like share, save, option.

Simply click on save. Thereafter, visit your pictures under media, you should find your munched pics there.

You can download the blackberry munch application from blackberry application world.

Hope this helps?

Update: I have discovered a better app which does this. The difference however, is ease and no watermark.

I personally do not like seeing watermarks in my pictures and for this reason, i was on the look out for a better option. Thankfully, i found one. It’s called screen grabber and details about that are available here.

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