5 Sure Secrets To Getting A Google Adsense Approval For Your Blog Or Website

Over time now, I realize that most internet blogs and website owners are having difficulties in getting their google Adsense accounts approved but the simple truth is that it’s simple if you follow the big google rules. Google terms them as Adsense Policies.

First, you would want to ask what is google adsense?

Tricks TO get Google Adsense Approval

Google adsense is a program under the google company which aids blogs or website owners in making money from their sites. Adsense isn’t just limited to sites anymore. You can monetize videos and apps as well using Adsense.

When an internet user creates a blog or website and works on it, the next thing is to monetize it for profit, right? There are quite a lot of ways to make money off a blog or website. However, the easiest is typically contextual ads. Contextual ads, in this case, means google adsense, Media.Net, Chitika and a few others.

Sure Tricks To Getting Google Adsense Approval For Your Blog Or Website

Now, getting an approved Adsense account is where the problem lies. But, I believe with the below steps i will be talking on here, attaining an approved google adsense account will be much easier.

1. Work On Your Site

Getting an approved adsense account isn’t all about creating a blog or site, you need to work on it. Yes, you need to give google a good reason to believe that you are up for real business by making your site stand out.

Over a thousand blogs are created every single day. Now, only a fraction of those thousand blogs, are being updated the next day. And another fraction of those updated blogs, are updated the following day or week.

Point is, people often just create a blog, and the next thing, they want to slam AdSense on a site that isn’t even working in terms of regularly updated content.

2. Have A Good Number Of Posts

After creating your blog, have a good number of posts let’s say 10 posts focusing on a particular niche. Writing on different niches won’t do good in getting an approved google adsense account. The reason for this is, it often portrays a person who doesn’t have a focus for the blog.

It wouldn’t make sense to post tech-related content today, and tomorrow or next, you are talking about fashion. The day after, you are talking about Food.

If you are going to be talking about schools or education, let it be majorly schools or education. If you are writing about making money, let it be making money. As I earlier stated, “don’t write on different niches, focus on one or two at most.

In most cases, I often advise people to write on topics they are passionate about. If you love tech, keep writing about tech. If you love education, keep writing on topics around education. Scholarships are also part of education niches.

3. Design Your Blog Or Site

Design your site properly and make it look professional. At least, this is one good way to start out and I can help you design your blog for a little token. You can contact me if you need me.

Your blog design often gives a professional feel and in the opposite direction, an opposite feel. Sometimes, a person could stumble on your blog and by your design, would be able to tell that you mean business. A person can also stumble on your blog and assume the owner is a joker.

You need to make Google understand you mean business. And for this reason, make your blog look professional. Having a professional look doesn’t entail putting in a lot of features that are not useful. Your blog can have a minimalist design and still look very professional.

4. Work On Your Site Traffic

The best way to convince google in approving your Adsense account is to make them understand that you’ve got quite a good number of visitors on a daily basis. You can track this using your stats in your dashboard or using the google analytics tool.

Having a substantial amount of traffic can only happen based on content. And this can basically only happen consistently if you have good content. Having good content falls back to the number 1 tip which entails working on your blog.

Write really good contents and thereafter, try to drive some traffic to your blog. A good number could start from around 100 pageviews a day depending on the niche.

5. Monetize Your Blog Site

And that’s where applying for google adsense becomes useful. Now, follow these steps:

Apply For Google Adsense: Visit the google adsense page at google.com/adsense and click on the sign-up option if you are new to the google adsense program.

Input Your Correct Data: Upon signing up for AdSense, you will be given a form to fill, out and input your correct and accurate information when filling out the form. Be truthful in your answers as this could help.

Relax and Keep Working On Your Blog: After completing the sign-up for the AdSense process, you are not approved immediately as google will need to check your blog or site if it meets up with the requirement and you will be replied to through your email address used in signing up for the AdSense account. If any issue arises, you will be notified as well. So, in the meantime, I strongly advise you to continue working on your blog.

Hope this helps.

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