Google Adsense : Making Money With Google Ads

Google Adsense is one term that most internet gurus, marketers and online money-making users are quite familiar with simply because of its flexibility.

For those who do not know what it means, it is a program under the google company business services that provides publishers, website and blog owners the ability to make money using their websites and apps.

Google adsense and how to make money with the program


If you own a blog, website or you create a hub(under hub), lensesĀ (under Squidoo), Google Adsense Program allows you to place their ads on your site thereby when visitors click on them you get a commission or discount depending on the CPC(cost per click) or bid on that particular ad.

What is Google Adsense Program?

Google ads is a short phrase for the term GOOGLE ADSENSE. It actually means Google Advertisement, as i have illustrated above. Google place their advertisement on your site so that you can actually earn money from your site.

Google adsense is one easy way to monetize your blog but it’s also the most strict way because one simply mistake can get your adsense account blocked even if you have some earnings there.


To register forĀ adsense, visit and follow the instructions provided there. Do not forget to register using your site address as this is required of you when filling the form.

Do I Need A Google Account Before Registering?

A google account is not necessary but it’s important that you have one as this will be specifically attached to your adsense information, am sure you wouldn’t want to mix up adsense emails with your regular emails, right?

Please Note: I strongly advise that you read the Google Adsense TOS (Rules) very well before proceeding with the account.

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