Easily Fix HTTP Error On Image Upload In WordPress

WordPress is no doubt, one of the best and popular CMS platform. However, being a WordPress user, there are quite a handful of issues you could face on the platform. One of those issues, is the HTTP error when uploading images on WordPress.

The error typically displays during the course of uploading an upload via the Add Media option in your WordPress post or page editor page.

http error on image upload in wordpress

As you probably already know, images are useful when conveying messaging in your blog post. Google even advises that you use images in your content. Besides, images make the content more interesting and attractive to read.

The inability to upload images to your WordPress post as a result of the HTTP error being displayed every time you try, could be a pain in the ass.

Thankfully, fixing this error is quite easy and straight forward.

Solution to HTTP Error On Image Upload In WordPress

The best way to fix this issue, is to ascertain where the problem is coming from.

  1. Plugin: HTTP error when trying to upload images to your WordPress post can be triggered by a plugin. Hence, you should deactivate a newly activated plugin and try again. If the problem isn’t as a result of a plugin, move on to the next possible solution.
  2. Internet Service Provider: Yes! Believe it or not, the problem could be from the internet connection you are using. To be sure, when this error happens, simply open a new tab on your browser and try accessing your blog. If your blog doesn’t open, then it’s an issue with your ISP. Hence, you should try changing your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and thereafter, try again. Alternatively, simply restart your router or MiFi (if using one).
  3. .htacess modification: If both solutions stated above didn’t work, then, there are chances you just switched hosts / servers. If this is the case, you should edit your root .htaccess file in other to fix the HTTP error on image upload.

Simply add the following line of code at the top of the .htaccess file.


Save the changes to the .htaccess file and try re-uploading the image to your WordPress blog. It should work this time.

For those who don’t know how to access .htaccess file, you will need to go through your hosting control panel (CPanel). The simplest way would be going through yourdomainname/cpanel.

Alternatively, get in touch with your hosting provider via Live Chat or ticket and request that they help you fix the issue. This process however, can take some time. In a case where you do not have that much time, it’s always better you do it yourself.

Be careful though. I’d advise you back up the .htaccess file by downloading it to your drive before editing. Reason being that, if anything goes wrong, you can simply delete and re-upload the htaccess file.

Following the possible solutions stated above, you should be able to upload images through your WordPress post dashboard without encountering any HTTP error issue.

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