What and How To Activate Conference Calling Or Join Calls On Phones

Conference calling is one thing or conversation I enjoy most when having a chat with my friends via the phone. Conference call or joined calls is interesting as long as the users you are taking to are interesting, believe me.

First, let us get to understand the concept of the subject matter.

What Is Conference or Joined Calls?

Conference calls or join calls as it called by some phone models is the process whereby phone calls are inter-connected between three or more parties or users making a conference discussion via the phone.

Conference as a phrase, means three or more or should I say INTER. When two phone users are having a conversation via a GSM PHONE, it isn’t regarded as a conference call or joined calls.


Because phone calls can’t be made with just one person being you. Alright, try picking your mobile phone and try to call your own phone number (the sim on that same phone) the response you get is NUMBER BUSY or something relating to that depending on your phone model.

How Do I Activate Conference Calls Or Join Calls?

Now, when it comes to conference calls based on my own speculation, the Nigerian network that allows this function or service is MTN.

Activate Conference calling on MTN

MTN NIGERIA allows you to join calls between three or more users but i think the number of users on a joined calls are limited (maybe four or there about).

To Activate this service, follow this steps:

Depending on who is going to be the host, it could be you or the other user. Now, you might want to ask;

Who is a host?

A host in a call is the person that makes the calls i.e you can either be the caller(host) or the receiver (hostee). Do you get it?

  • Now, when you make a call, allow the recipient to receive the call first
  • After that, simply put that receiver on hold, then call another number

NOTE: The number you are calling must be on the same network or must support the conference call service.

Now, when talking to the second number, the first person is still on hold so to initiate the conference calls thereby making you make a conversation with the both of them at same time

  • If on a NOKIA PHONE, simply press the left top button (the button above the call key) which is known as the option button then scroll down to where you will find conference or conference call.
  • Select it and you have finally activated a conference call.

Now you can enjoy your discussions with the other two users plus you making three users on the same line.

If you are a sony ericsson phone user, the option ‘conference’ isn’t listed in the option menu, rather you will find “JOIN CALLS”, select that because it means the same thing.

Now you can flex on calls as if they were right in front of you.

Hope this helps?

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