MTN introduces 3GB for N300 weekend data plan – Here’s how to subscribe

A couple of months back, Airtel officially introduced a new weekend data plan which apparently, has got a lot of customers vested in the network. Airtel launched the new data plan specifically for the weekend thereby giving subscribers 1GB of data for a price of just N100.

MTN has decided to follow suit by launching something much better. MTN is not offering the usual 1GB, instead, they are introducing 3GB of data for 300 naira just for the weekends.

mtn 3GB for N300 weekend data plan

Hence, if you are looking at having a weekend with some more downloads, surfing, or more data to take you through, the mtn 3GB for N300 data plan might be the best bet.

How Do I Subscribe to MTN Weekend 3GB for N300 Data plan?

  • To subscribe, just be sure to have a minimum of N300 (three hundred Naira) in your MTN sim and dial *131*1*5#
  • Choose the second option by typing 2 and tapping the send button. N300 will be deducted from your account balance and your 3GB data for the weekend will be activated.

That reminds me, it seems as though, Etisalat has been silent for a while now. Perhaps, maybe they are waiting for the best time to serve what they have been cooking in the kitchen (i.e if they actually have anything cooking).

Update: January 2018.

This post was originally written about 3 years ago. 2015 to be precise. At the time, MTN did launch the weekend plan offering 3GB of data for N300. However, this has been long discontinued. Hence, the reason why i feel the need to pass an update.

If you should dial *131*1*5 at this point, it will take you to MTN’s 3 months data option. The options shown in the screenshot above, are no longer available. This is kinda sad. At this point, being able to use 3GB of data during the weekend and available 24/7 would have been really cool. There are a lot of movie downloads such data can be useful.

However, facing reality, it isn’t available. A close option right now would be the MTN Night plan (details here). The mtn night plan typically offers 500MB for N25. Meaning, you can use a whooping 2GB of data for just N100.

Wait! It’s not that easy. The Night plan does not allow more than one subscription per night. Hence, the only way you can use that much data for that price is if you have multiple MTN sims within reach. That’s just a simple trick. With that, you can make all the downloads you need to make, and watch them during the course of the day. Or perhaps, even at weekend.

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