I Ditched Lollipop OS on infinix Zero 2 x509 for Android Kitkat

To some people, it may come as a surprise that the infinix zero 2 x509 phone actually has a lollipop OS. Well, the lollipop OS (version 5.1) has been in existence for quite some time, precisely about 3 months now. I even did an hands-on of the OS on the smart phone which is aimed at letting you in on what to expect.

While the update seemed nice when I first flashed it into the device using the SP flash tool, it was actually sorta sad to realize that the OS wasn’t actually customized like the XUI on infinix hot note x551 and note pro.

Owing to the fact that I have had to experiment with other smartphones and gadgets in other to put up reviews for you all to read and also feed you in on some of the latest mobile tech news, I haven’t had so much time to experiment extensively with the lollipop OS on the Zero 2 x509.

I have actually a few times, reverted to the Zero 2 phone to try out something or get a solution to a comment posted by a reader. Doing so, I have often realized the battery isn’t as ‘Okay’ as it used to be while it was running on KitKat OS.

infinix zero 2 running lollipop battery test
Earlier today, I decided to experiment with something. And that’s using a newly bought PS3 controller in playing the PES 2016 game already present on the Zero 2 since the phone is OTG enabled.

Infinix Zero 2 Android Phone Vs PS 3 Controller

P.S: Although the infinix Hot 2 x510 specs sheet states that the device is OTG enabled, that functionality seems not to work out of the box.

Not just on my unit, but others I have come across with. Speculations have it that one would have to downgrade the phone’s OS to 5.0 lollipop before that functionality can work.

Moving on, I was able to devise a means to use the PS3 controller on the infinix Zero 2 x509 in playing the PES 2016 soccer game and it worked out fine.

As a matter of fact, for the first time since I Installed the game on the phone (I barely play games though), I was able to score about 2 goals within 10 minutes (Yay! That smile on my face lol).

Well, while the game seemed interesting since I was playing with a PS controller, the battery within 15 to 20 minutes, had drained down from around 60% to about 25%.

I decided to quit the game and let the phone be for a while only to hear a beep about 10 minutes  signifying a low battery at 9%. There and then I said, nah! The lollipop OS on the smart phone is definitely a mess up in terms of battery.

Infinix Zero 2 Battery Analysis

I decided to do a little more experiment on the battery for you guys to see. Take a deep look at the two images below. Let your focus be on the battery percentage and time.

infinix zero 2 lollipop batteryLooking at the first image, at 6:46pm, the device battery had gone down to 4%. Just after 2 minutes of just leaving the phone on standby, it had gone down by 1%. Based on these statistics, what do you honestly think of the battery?

Moving on, I would have to create time to download the stock KitKat OS and flash it on the smartphone which should hopefully revert the phone to its normal battery life state.

For those who may be thinking of upgrading their infinix Zero 2 x509 to lollipop, you may have to wait till infinix rectified the battery issue and other minor bugs.

For infinix hot note users, you actually don’t have a problem. Infinix seems to be paying much attention to the XUI software which is built on lollipop OS and running on the hot note, note pro, note 2 and newly launch Zero 3 x552 but paying less or no attention to that on Infinix Zero 2.

Personally, outside the battery life, the infinix Zero 2 is still one of the best Infinix phones in the market now. Bare in mind though, the Zero 3 x552 is not yet in the market as of today 16th of December, 2015.

My points for the Zero 2, are based on the performance, features, design, and weight (very light).

I would have to take a nap here. However, for those who may be wondering how I used a PS3 controller on the infinix Zero 2 in playing the PES 2016 game, I will be dropping the tutorial on that soon.

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