Infinix hot note x551 running Android 5.1 Lollipop gets another update

For the past few months, we have regularly been seeing updates being rolled out on the infinix hot note x551 phone running android 5.1 lollipops.

The update has basically been fixing bug issues and of course, bringing about more improvement.

During the course of the last update which was barely 2 weeks ago, one of the basic improvements I have noticed is the battery strength.

I literally could watch YouTube videos all night and just about 30% of battery capacity is what would be used.

This, I consider being really nice compared to other devices with the same capacity level. So, big ups to infinix for optimizing the battery on this one.

Another interesting thing that may not seem like a big deal to a whole lot of people is the change in the battery icon. I am a big fan of change and the new battery icon sorta catches my fantasy.

infinix hot note lollipop updateA few minutes back, another update popped up on the infinix hot note, and reading through the update description, it doesn’t seem like a major update.

But guess what, the update file is about 143MB which is pretty big compared to other updates we have constantly received.

Infinix HOT Note x551 running Android 5.1 Lollipop Update Description

The description reads that the update brings about the following:

  • Added system manager app which includes mobile cleanup, app manager, network management ad harassment block functions
  • A 3G-only option in network type selection has been added.
  • Added sleep cleanup function to automatically clean up phone memory after a long time of sleep
  • Added app lock function in recent app cleaner to avoid cleaned
  • Optimized password lock and PIN lock input on the lock screen, directly entry when entering the correct password
  • fixed the smart cover’s status bar display issue
  • Removed the quick charge icon on the left of the status bar
  • Fixed ringtone setting failure occasionally issue
  • Fixed other issues from XCLUB fans
  • Improved battery and system performance and fixed other issues.

Unfortunately, after downloading the update and tapping the install button, you will still face the error message we are getting used to on infinix x551 phone. ‘Unfortunately, System update has stopped‘.

Thankfully, we already have that resolved on this blog. You would have to install the update via Recovery and we already have a detailed tutorial HERE which should guide you on how to.

If you have rooted the phone, please make sure you unroot the phone and completely back up before proceeding with the update as it could brick rooted phones.

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