[Tutorial] How To Unroot Android Phone Using Kingroot App

Over the years, I have often been an advocate of rooting android phones. Virtually all the android phones I have used, I have rooted. But considering the issues we are currently facing with MTK android phones like infinix, Tecno, Innjoo and the rest, it’s best not to root the phone if there are no special motives for it. In other words, Unroot android could become necessary.

For example, in the case of infinix phones, updates are released every now and then and whenever this is done, updating your phone could get it bricked if the phone has been rooted.

Recently, I unroot¬†my infinix hot note x551 android phone because I wanted to do a factory reset and when doing a factory reset on these android phones, it’s advisable to first unroot¬†the android phone so that it doesn’t get bricked.

How to unroot android phone using kingroot app

I unroot the android and commenced the factory reset process. It went smoothly and when that was completed and the device was running smoothly, an update pop up. I decided to update the phone and voila, it got bricked with the no command error.

The phone is still currently in coma because in the process of trying to unbrick it, it got hard-bricked. This caused it not to even turn up at all. Will write a comprehensive solution when the phone chooses to revive back.

Back to the matter, if you do not have any special motive like having full control over your android device in terms of technical abilities, it’s best not to root the phone. If you have already rooted it and looking forward to removing¬†unroot permission¬†your android phone, I am here to help.

Earlier before now, I had published a tutorial which talked on how to perform this same function¬†using SuperUser app. If the SuperUser app didn’t work for you, you can try using kingroot by following the tutorial herein.

Remove Root Permission On Android Using Kingroot

Please note that using Kingroot in unrooting an android phone in most cases, will only work if the device was actually rooted using the Kingroot app.

If you used a different app in rooting your android phone, it’s best you revert to that same app and look for the unroot option. Alternatively, using the comment session, you can share the name of the rooting app you used and I will try to provide a solution to unroot your android.

Steps To Unroot Android Phone Using Kingroot APK Application

  • Launch the latest version of Kingroot app (version 4.5.0107 beta3), tap on the settings gear which is located at the top right side of the page.
  • ¬†Under the settings page, tap on Root Authorization setting > Remove Root Permission > tap on Continue.

confirm unrooting android phone

  • ¬†A confirmation message shows up afterwards, tap on OK.

unrooting android phone

  • ¬†Wait for a while and you should get a notification stating ‘Root as been removed‘. Wait a little longer and the kingroot app will automatically close.

How To Verify Android Phone Is Successfully Unrooted

You’ve performed the above settings and you are skeptical as to whether or not, the unrooting process was successful? Here is a way to verify or confirm unroot successful.

  • ¬†Reboot your device and use the Root Checker Basic app (download from playstore) in verifying root permission. At this point, you should get a notification saying ‘Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device‘.

android phone unrooted
Take a deep look at the images above. The image at the right signifies when the device was rooted. The image at the left signifies when the same device became unrooted. You can also look at the time difference as well as the battery level.

Looking at the time difference properly, the process took just about 3 minutes. Meaning, it’s a breeze and you shouldn’t experience any hustle.

I used the Infinix Zero 2 for this particular tutorial.

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