Just Before You Update Your Infinix Hot Note X551 Software, Please Read This

A few days back, Infinix mobile just released a new software update for the infinix hot note x551 android phone.

Although you probably will not get a prompt notification of this update on your phone home screen, you should see the update when you navigate to the OTA update page.

Based on speculations and reviews I have been reading online lately, it is been said that the update could brick your infinix hot note phone if it is already rooted.

Personality, I have upgraded my infinix hot note phone to the latest software update and the device wasn’t bricked in any way. However, I had to first unroot the device before updating it so I could be on the safer side.

infinix hot note latest software update

As we already shared on this blog, rooting the infinix hot note x551 android phone is very easy. As a matter of fact, I realized rooting the device became much faster after updating.

So, Here’s My Advice

If you intend to update your infinix hot note x551 android phone to the latest update, I would advise you to unroot the device first before updating.

We had shared a post on how to unroot any android phone and this works on the hot note flawlessly. If you missed it, you can find it here. You can choose to root the phone again after updating and the device won’t brick.

New Features From The Infinix Hot Note Software Update

There are really not many significant changes as regards the update. To those speculating that the update is the android 5.0 lollipop, please that’s not true.

It’s still same 4.4.2 kitkat OS. A lollipop update hasn’t been introduced to the device yet.

I noticed a difference in the notification tray on the device. The quick functions like the sound recorder, stopwatch, etc available on the notification tray are no longer present.

The basic improvement I will give credit to is the ability to now swipe songs while the device is locked. Before now, you cannot next or previous a song while the device is locked.

You would have to unlock the device before you can actually change songs.

However, as a result of the latest update, you can now change songs even while the device is locked as a music widget is present on the lock screen when music is ongoing.

If you would still love to update your device to the latest update, you can navigate to settings > About Phone > System Updates.

So far so good, no defects or bugs. I am not just too comfortable with the quick features present on the notification tray, now removed. Otherwise, everything else is fine.

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