[Tutorial] Install CWM Recovery On Infinix Hot Note Pro To Unbrick Android Phone

If you are an android user who loves experimenting and trying out new things on an android phone, especially mtk android phones like infinix, tecno, innjoo and others, I would strongly advise that you install cwm recovery on your android phone.

Why? Because it helps in fixing your phone easily in case it gets bricked. My Infinix hot note x551 android phone is currently in COMA as a result of hard-bricking. I had to use a PC since I didn’t have cwm recovery installed.

In the process of using a PC, there was an interruption and the phone went into COMA. Will give a detailed guide on how I fixed it when it revives.

As earlier stated, for every mtk android phone user, be it infinix, tecno, innjoo, elephone, etc, its highly advised you install cwm recovery if you love experimenting with your phone in terms of rooting, changing fonts, installing a different kind of apps and sorts.

Flash / install cwm on infinix hot note pro

Here in this post, we’d be starting off with installing cwm on the infinix hot note pro. If you are using a different device, you can request the tutorial using the comment form and we will try to aid you with that if there’s a proven method for it.

Installing CWM On Infinix Hot Note Pro

Just before we go straight to the subject matter, let’s make sure you have got everything in place. I mean, requirements.


  • Rooted Infinix hot note pro phone. You can Read Here for instructions on how to root the phone.
  • Download Mobile Uncle Tools from the Google play store. You can follow the link here.
  • Infinix hot note pro cwm recovery IMG. You can download HERE.
  • Micro SD Card.


==> Move the downloaded cwm recovery IMG to the root of your Micro SD Card

==> Launch the mobile uncle tools app and among the options, select recovery update

==> Select the cwm recovery you had stored on your SD card and tap on OK.

==> Wait till the installation is complete and when that is done, you will get a prompt to boot to recovery. Tap on OK.

There you have it. You have installed CWM recovery on your phone which would make it easy to unbrick your phone if it gets bricked as well as make it easy to install custom Roms on the phone.

If you are interested in knowing how I was able to unbrick an infinix hot note phone, you should check out this post.

If you have any questions regarding installing cwm on android phones, you can use the comment form below.

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