How To Root Infinix Hot Note Pro, Change IMEI & Change Font

Okay guys, over the past few days, i have constantly been faced with questions that has to do with the infinix hot note pro in terms of rooting, changing IMEI as well as changing font on the device. The infinix hot note pro is just an advanced version of the infinix hot note x551. The basic difference between both is just the RAM size and the storage capacity. Every other thing is pretty much the same as well as the design.

The battery capacity on both devices are same as they both comes packed with a battery capacity of 4000mAh accompanied with fast charging ability which is inspired by the charger.

root Infinix hot note pro, change imei and font

Rooting the infinix hot note pro as well as changing the imei and changing font is no different from the process used in rooting the infinix hot note x551 android phone. Since we already have tutorials on this blog which gives detailed information in regards performing these task, we are basically going to be doing referencing here.

Rooting Infinix Hot Note Pro

Rooting the infinix hot note pro is pretty same. It can be done in few minutes without the need for a computer. All that is required is the functional app as well as a stable internet connection on your phone. If you’d like to root your infinix hot note pro phone, please follow the tutorial HERE.

Changing Infinix Hot Note Pro IMEI To Blackberry IMEI

The basic purpose for changing android phones imei is to enable us use glo bis on the phone. Remember glo offers the cheapest data plan in Nigeria at the moment. 3GB of data for just N1000. Although it’s a blackberry plan, it can be used on bb10 phones and thus, shared to other devices and it can be used directly on some android phones. The infinix hot note pro is one of the numerous devices you can actually use glo bis on. If you’d like to perform this task on your phone, please follow the tutorial HERE.

Changing Font On Infinix Hot Note Pro

Changing Font on an android phone is sorta fun. Yes, it sorta makes your device different from others as well as making you seem techie. You sure wanna impress that bae or boo, shey? I usually change the font on virtually every android phone I use. Not because I don’t like the default font but I sorta like doing some technical adjustment to my android phones. If you’d like to change the font on your infinix hot note pro, please follow the tutorial HERE.

So, there you have it. If you do like to ask anything else in regards the infinix hot note pro phone, you can simply do so using the comment form and I will definitely reply as soon as I see them.

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