How To Download, Install And Use Fonts On Infinix Zero 2 x509

We are almost through with tutorials we think are necessary for regards the infinix zero 2 x509 android phone. We have covered tutorials that involves changing IMEI on the phone, rooting the phone as well as a detailed review about the device.

Here and now, we’d like to guide you through downloading, installing, and using fonts on the infinix zero 2 phones.

By default, you cannot use fonts on most MTK android phones (excluding infinix x509) unlike Samsung phones and other top-brand android phones. However, using fonts is fun and gives a new feel to your device. If you are the type who enjoys experimenting with your phone in terms of customization, installing and using fonts will really do some justice.

Just before we hit the hammer on the nail, we would like to show you some screenshots which clearly prove that we have been able to install and use a different font on our infinix zero x509 phone. That should prove the fact that the process wells. We don’t just preach here every time, we practice what we preach as long as we have the device at our disposal.

Stock font that comes with the android phone and perhaps, all MTK android phones

Stock font on the infinix zero 2 x509 phone
Below is the font we changed to and as you can see view the screenshot, it’s the infinix x509 android phone:

Custom font on the infinix zero 2 x509 android phone

Downloading, Installing, and Using Custom Fonts On Infinix Zero 2

By default, you can actually use fonts that come packed with the phone. However, they are just limited to about 7 including the default and they ain’t really interesting fonts.

In other to be able to download, install and use custom fonts on the Zero 2 phone, it is mandatory that you root the phone first before you can use custom fonts on the phone. Not to worry, we had published a proven method that guides you on how to root the device. You can access the post here.

==> When done rooting, download and install iFont from the Google play store. In other to help you with a direct link, you can download it from Play Store Here.

==> Launch the iFont application, Tap on any of the fonts you’d like to use.

==> Tap on download and wait till it’s successfully downloaded. When the download is complete, the download option will change to Set.

==> Click on Set and if asked to grant access to root, Tap on Grant. You should therefore get a notification asking to confirm that you want to set the font to the downloaded font. Tap on OK.

==> At this point, your phone will automatically reboot. Don’t panic. That’s part of the process. When the phone has fully boot, you should see the new font in action.

It’s that simple. You can change the font on the infinix zero 2 x509 subsequently following the process above but I would advise you to stick to a custom font you are very much comfortable with because too much of everything is bad.

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