How To Use Facebook Messenger Without FB Account

Earlier before now, using the Facebook Messenger app requires you to have an active Facebook account.

For most mobile operating systems, having an FB account isn’t just enough in the sense that, you cannot chat or reply to messages on FB without having messenger installed.

Facebook Inc has come up to say that you no longer need a Facebook account before you can use the Facebook Messenger app. In other words, you can simply put that the Facebook Messenger app has been redesigned as a standalone application.

With the Facebook Messenger app, you can chat with your phone contacts who are also on Facebook Messenger and you can also engage in free calls with these contacts as long as they have their phone numbers synchronized on the app.

Use Facebook Messenger Without FB Account

The app can now be likened to that of whatsapp and as you know, WhatsApp requires your contact numbers that are also on the platform before you can chat with them. Think the same for the FB messenger now.

How To Sign Up On Facebook Messenger Without An FB Account

Step 1. Depending on which operating system your phone runs on, download Facebook Messenger from your phone’s market (Playstore, App store, Blackberry world, etc).

Step 2. Install and launch the app and a welcome screen will be displayed for you. This time, you’d be able to see a ‘Not On Facebook‘ option.

Facebook messenger with no facebook account feature

Step 3. Tap on that and a signup form will be displayed for you.

Step 4. Fill in the details accurately and you are good to go.

When prompted to synchronize your phone contacts, please allow it as this will make the app more fun in terms of chatting with contacts on fb messenger as well as engaging in free calls.

Please note, as of when posting this, the new Feature is only available to basically four countries which are the USA, Canada, Peru, and Venezuela. However, the feature will be rolled out to other countries in due time.

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